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  • Software ​Documentati​on

    As someone who writes documentation for Ubuntu/Kubuntu and also has worked on The Official Ubuntu book, I would agree that documentation is the most often forgotten part of a project.  Too many times the developers of a project will put in shiny new app X and then forget to update those who write the documentation that shiny new app X is now the default app and needs to be used.   (Change app to feature and you have the same problem)

    One of the great things about the Ubuntu/Kubuntu/etc world is the hard freezes that go into effect that allow people to create/change/modify the documentation before the release.  Then the documentation is frozen for translators.  While it often times provides for a great flurry of commits at the end, the freezes strive to solve the problem of shiny app X sneaking in at the end.

    I would echo someone's else thought that Open Source software has some of the worst documentation (if any documentation) out there.  People volunteer to create something new, not document something new.  THere are some great examples of Open Source documentation (GNOME, KDE, Gentoo) but a greater number of terribly documentated products.


  • What do you want to see in Windows Seven?

    the-laughing-man wrote:


    • More backwards compatibility than Vista would be great, I've managed to find replacement programs for most things but I'm sure you can sandbox things so I can still run my beloved WinXP games that flat out refuse to work on Vista?

    Is it MS fault that older programs don't work in Vista?  Why should MS be forced into backwards compatiablity for all applications?  ISn't that part of the problem that Vista currently has is maintaing that backwards compatiblity?

    I want to see search built further into things.... and speed improvemnt

  • It' Time to To clarify the situation Windows 7

    i've got a better idea, we will stoping talking about windows 7 when we get the videos in regards to windows developement we asked for.  i htink the sticky went along "top questions you want to ask the vista team?"

  • Santa Claus killed?!

    How much spare time do you have to have to figure this out?

  • Open Handset Alliance

    Dharma Punk wrote:
    Whither OpenMoko?

    I'm glad you linked to OpenMoko.  My first  thought on the "first open" platform was what don't they know about OpenMoko which has been along for a long time?

  • So I gave Linux another go the weekend

    I was at the Ubuntu Developers Summit in Boston last week, great time, but anyways there was a session on multiple monitor support that  I didn't get a chacne to attend due to conflicts, but they are doing some further work on multiple monitor support for 8.04

  • The future of Vista? What can MS do to restore the faith?

    I have had no problems with my Dell Laptop and Vista Business.  Runs great and have no stability issues.

  • world's fastest computers

    I'm heading to "network with my wife" Wow I a could keep making very dirty jokes about this.... When you are networking w/ your wife does it work wirelessly?

  • XP Pro OEM keys...

    Why would I want to install torrented versions of MS software in an enterprise environment?  Also why would I admit to using torrented software on a Microsoft owned software. 

    I hope that none of the computers I have to support have software from MS that has been installed from something downloaded via a torrent.

    I can't imagine duing this

  • Microsoft Certs, are the books any good?

    I would like to question how many people have actually braindumped there way to there MC* cert. I have been taking the tests for a long time and have seen vast improvment in both the quality of the question and the subject mattered asked in the question.