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  • Question on VMWare

    Good evening,

    I'm trying to figure out how to setup VMWare Workstation w/ the same IP Address when I dual boot, both Windows Vista and Kubuntu 7.10.

    Right now when I'm in Kubuntu, my VMWare Workstation is giving out a 192.168.50 IP address and when i boot into Vista I have an ip address of 192.168.90.X.

    Anyways when I look into VMWare I'm trying to figure out how to change it.

    Any ideas?

  • Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    I'm not debating it away, I'm debating how raising awareness of global warming is worthy of a "Peace Prize"

  • Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    ScanIAm, Thanks for the nice comments. I would also like to disagree with Eagle that global warming is a war. What about the problems in Darfur or other problems throughout the world. I would have given the Peace Prize to all those Monks that were protesting or the people that were blogging and raising awareness of the monks protesting? Seems to me this are all bigger issues then whether or not the temp in the oceans rise a couple of degrees.

  • Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    I would ask what does raising the importance of dealing w/ Global Warming have to do with peace? Granted if Rush would have won (no chance in H3ll) he would have done the same amount for peace that Mr. Gore has done. Please list of all the accomplishments that Mr. Gore did to end some form of war, bring about peace and change or anything else that a "Peace Prize" should be given for. I am serious, I don't understand how global wrming has anything to do with peace

  • Who is still on the C9 Team?

    I've gotten a little confused and my scorecard is a little messed up w/ scratching people on and off it. Besides Rory and Charles who is still on the team? Sampy? Duncan? HumanCompiler? Anyone else I'm missing?

  • 850 * 77.1 is 65535... unless you're Microsoft Excel.

    I have heard a rumor this is an bug resurfaced again.  As in previous versions of Excel throughout the ages have had this problem and once again it appears to be a valid bug?  Can anyone back this up?h

  • Frustrated w/ Vista thinking about going back to XP

    DMassy wrote:
    If IE7 is crashing take a look at the troubleshooting steps at http://www.enhanceie.com/ie/troubleshoot.asp
    As has been mentioned before the most likely culprit of IE7 stability and performance issues are poorly behaved addons.

    I use vista on my primary machine and wouldn't dream of going back to XP


    Interesting, running w/ no add-ins installed and got a "internet explorer has stopped responding" message...

  • OMG, Halo 3 Saved Films & World Editor (FORGE)

    Wow that looked really sweet... So in the midst of a game I could be using Forge to drop weapons and vehicles into the game to help my team?

    More videos w/ this group please Smiley

  • What do use for writing help?

    I work w/ the Ubuntu documentation team and also the KDE doc team writing help for both the Ubuntu system and KDE applications.  We use Docbook XML which we then build into HTML files.
    It is pretty easy to learn how to write, however you still have to write valid XML to get it to work

  • Frustrated w/ Vista thinking about going back to XP

    heesub wrote:

    I strongly recommend you try to install the latest hardware drivers, especially RAID controller if you're using.  I/O intensive work by iTunes cause BSOD on Vista. I don't know exactly why.

    After updating my hardware drivers to the latest versions, all problems disappeared.


    I have installed the latest drivers from Dell for my computer, both the recommended and the suggested ones.  So far no such luck yet, but here's hoping?

    I didn't realize that iTunes was disk intesive?  What part is?  Updating the library?