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  • "Linux ​Generation&​quot;?

    scobleizer wrote:

    I fly in planes every couple of weeks or so and in the past 10 trips I've been looking at every computer being used in the terminal or in the plane. Out of hundreds of computers I haven't seen one Linux computer being used. I've seen dozens of Macs, though.

    Most not have seen me in the airport then Smiley

  • Knoppix/Open​Office first impressions

    I agree, I have never enjoyed the Knoppix like distrobutions as most of them can never save anything you do. 
    I run linux but admin Windows boxes.  Why do I run linux?  Parlty to learn something new, partly because my install of XP has issue from testing things and I don't want to spend time wiping it and reinstalling, I'll just dual boot for now.

    I have never found anything special about OpenOffice and haven't been really blown away by that "killer app" for Linux and I have been using it off and on for three years.

  • Viewing our videos on Linux

    I think an office version for Linux would be great.  Part of my frustration w/ some products is how they are tied into Office only.  For example, Cisco has Unified Messaging which works w/ Exchange and their Outlook Plugin.  Voicemail comes directly into your email.  However it works in only Outlook.  We have looked at some other applications that require Outlook.  Which means I need to boot back into Windows to use these applications.  Make a linux version of Office and people wouldn't care which Operating System they were on

  • Bill pulls!

    If you are looking for a more in depth look at how Microsoft, Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer are spending money politically, check out Redmond magazine, formally MCP magazine, if I recall in last months edition they did a nice article on this

  • XP SP2 issues

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5150, that reboots randomly since I have applied SP2 to XP on it.  THat is the only problem our company has had so far with the upgrade.  Besdies figuring out the firewall bit, but once we got that done, there were no issues