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The acai fruit is found deep in the Amazonian rain forests of Brazil. It's a fruit which has necessary nutrients that aren't found somewhere else. An acai fruit contains complicated carbs, omega3 and omega9 trans acids, body building proteins, rich dietary fibre and rare antioxidants. This is one of the reasons why it is considered the 1 Food Supplement in the world. The Acai Supplement Vs life While the acai berry supplement is considered the best means of shedding pointless fat from a human body, the fact still is that the fruit itself is highly perishable in nature. It is said that the acai fruit decays inside hours of being plucked from the tree. It so must be converted in the form of a supplement then was consumed. The Fruit Vs Supplement Local Brazilians use the acai berry fruit on an everyday basis and hence, they have included it as a part of their daily food. On the other hand, those who stay in different nations have to make do with processed acai, which in tu