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me jamie Niner since 2004

Niner since 2004

  • Coding4Fun On Channel9!

    Nice logo!  Smiley

  • Channel 9: Who We Are Now

    *i know the shift enter thing...  but by leaving double as default you are asking for needlessly long threads (when people dont hit shift/enter


  • Channel 9: Who We Are Now

    great video - very slick - but still human.  nice work guys


     PLEASE unblur the C9 guy ....(especially from the eyes up)  the white blur/shadow has to go - and he isnt crisp enough

      *id say thats a pretty small request...?


    *PS - i dont know if you noticed - but each time you edit a post - you get more and more spaces between every line of text.

    And double space instead of 1 space on return is back too (like it was last version and you put it back to single space return)

  • Preview The New Channel 9

    looking at it again ... i will say that the c9 guy looks ...blurry?


    (not pixel crisp - like now)



     edit: layout is fine (ill relearn it)  but the 9 guy and even the wording "Channel 9"  brand    um....   im here if you need Tongue Out




    * there should be VOTES on c9 logos and wordmarks...  id love to submit.... 10  Wink



    edit:  no... 9!



    edit 2:  * i thought the new logo would be there... and while that might not appeal to everyone ... it was made by a user... and its 2d (not 3d) and its a change ... but its still ... c9guy (and believe me... i KNOW c9 guy) Wink


    anyway... good luck...  Im a leo ... i love orange and red and gold...


    ..and TEAL win95! Tongue Out


    hmmmmm   Wink

  • Channel 9 Live at PDC09: Dr Jeff Norris, NASA

    good interview.



  • TWC9: Virtual PC tools, .NET 4.0 FAQ, MVC in Azure

    i doubt ill ever start a tshirt site.. Wink


    but whatever you guys need - never hesitate to ask. ill always make time for c9




  • Countdown to PDC09: Win a Free Trip to PDC

    ouch! lol

  • The History of Microsoft - 1980

    wow - that was very telling...

    fun reading bill gates body language as he describes letting ballmer into to run the show
    "steves great at hiring guys"   "programmers like being run by programmers"

    ..just wow.

    on the + side...

    the 80's MS logo - i dont remember seeing that - very cool with the slanting and drop down letters - looks almost NEW

    and also cool was MS UNIX = Xenix??  double wow.

    it even starts with X (box)

    ps - is my Xphone ready yet Wink  * and i may reconsider if it's Xune 
  • Tim Aidlin - User Experience Designer

    great. cant wait to see samples of his work. his designs.  how he made them.

    Id settle for rough mockups others finished - otherwise ..its not really about design
  • Tim Aidlin - User Experience Designer

    ok ..so i actually watched this.

    i dont want to rag about it.. the guy seems nice enough...  but basically it seemed like a staged advert for expression and workflow

    Maybe interview the designers that work for this (marketing) guy... and show samples of their work - and how they made it.

    And how many revisions they had to go through working with the teams at MS

    Sorry - but Experience Designer... does not = the grunts that actually design the stuff Tongue Out

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