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just seems a sea of text without any emphasis on thread title and time?
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...


    haha just kidding.  Smiley

    looks interesting so far

    was pretty slow though..

    it actually not working right now as i wanted to go check out the editor but i saw main page and forum pages..

    interesting for first impression

    i liked the rss angled thing.. that c9guy is back, that colours are consistant, i even didnt mind that Grandmas chesterfield pattern.. although a different BG option or 3 might be nice.

    Glad the gold is back on the bars in the forum pages.. looks sort of stealy ..

    Of the top of my head id say the flyouts are hard to distinguish from the page (drop shadow png behind each? .. and to watch distances between text and margins (seems not the same in areas)

    Cant wait to check out the editor.

    bigger avatars!

    good work Smiley

    edit: flippin g__damn HOORAY the editor is back! Smiley small rounded corners on top of forums tho... seems to ridgid Tongue Out

    edit2:  much faster now - but CH initial load is sort of slow
  • Dev Diary for April 15th

    this is a great feature to view. good work. keep making them.


    the second live ID becomes mandatory - im gone


    good work though! [y]

  • Dev Diary for April 15th

    because live id = hotmail = track my opinions.. no thanks
  • Channel9 Team : Spam Video Filter Beta

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    it is always hard to change perception

    ..c9 = scoble... no..rory ... now dan.

    i dont know anything about dan - but from this video

    ... he seems like a nice cool likable guy.

  • Happy Holidays Niners

    haha nice collage Wink