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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • friggin awesome

    amazing  good work


    ..now about the icons lol

  • Fail

    so i was all excited about channel9.club and 20 people signed up - then i went to florida - and it stopped


    oh well.  better luck next crime ;)   MS - if you would like channel9.club - you can have it let me know.

    * re-affirm your commitment / offer free sites to members / make a facebook of msdn users - do it!  :)




    * disclaimer: there is none - its free - who do i transfer it too?


  • Windows 10 stinks!

    - 80 wordpress themes and plugins and widgets

    - fixed ftp, cd burning, zip/rar and OS customization

    - a default setting for UI for tech support

    - a folder for all the wieird metro stuff - where you can see a folder for every tile



  • Windows 10 stinks!

    back to thread....

    windows 8 is amazing so was 7


    win 10 looks great without the ballmer borders on windows and media - it is sort of slick

    but it is square


    let us customize it


    and do zip right. and do ftp right and cd burning right


    what would it be to buy winrar, cuteftp and nero...and stardick   40mil?  or a lunch break of revenue?


    stop doing sh_t versions of things

    then win10  will rock

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    ps - im assuming the most expensive, popular and highest rated wordpress theme on theme forest - might be a good starter for everyone here. I got a licence for channel9.club


    im just - assuming - that means its fine for sub domains as well - hey its a club right? loaded 15 times already...uhhhh... we will see

    *the first 2 attempts i used free themes - they suck - so youve got the best - if you look in them

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    plus - im not trying to go on about wordpress - but if you guys use it - it has so many customise options


    i was able to build channel9.club with it - making it look like an os - because of that


    i used to try to do that in html... in frontpage (the best editor in the world to this DAY)

    i see windows desktop options and its like from 1998  -  its a JOKE

    * would you like OUR DECISIONS - in these colours? or those colours.  Would you like our shapes in square? or rectangle?   rinse and repeat

    MS has to let go the idea that there will be one UI for all - there cant be anymore


    if you look at channel9.club - and mouseover start - the bottom link says Desktop - and the flyout says Default

    thats how windows should be.

    NO ONE can change default - but you can do anything you want and add more desktops or themes


    if a tech suport person is with you - they would say - please click start / desktop  / default

    and it would be the UI microsoft wants


    thats how to deal with it - and move on 

     *and yes there will be themes for channel9.club - hopefull ymade by YOU...in the same theme template im using for channel9.club - that ive loaded for YOUR websites


    those sites can be anything you make them

  • Windows 10 stinks!




    until above happens - the whole invisible - new UI thing is a non starter

    or if that exists - where is it?


    after that - we can do the rest


  • Windows 10 stinks!

    and i want to chose my own background - and slide it around til it is right for every tile - and i want to pick my own icon - and make it as big or small as i want - and i want it in the left right top bottom or center - and i want to chose my font face style 


    i want complete control over the shape , look, background, text, icon of EVERY tile

    perhaps even control over how they behave - fade options, slide options, spin options


    i guess i need more....




    edit - oh yes and i need to know where all the crazy tiles stuff goes... like c drive - windows - metro - adobe - 

    i go there and there is a css an icon and an image

    if this isnt done soon - i do not know what they are thinking with windows 10


    it is windows 8 with things moved around


    where is metro file folder? let us change everything


    you DONT HAVE any 3rd party developers to leave this stuff for anymore


    you need to do it yourselves (stardock sucks anyway)


  • Windows 10 stinks!

    for sure!

    how about rounded corners - and a slider all the way up to a circle (for tiles)

    k maybe not a circle  more like a capsule

     so default - square corners - slider up to - capsule

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    all you need to know about windows 10 - so far:

    - it is full of the same squares as windows 8
    everything is square or rectangle


    it is still a steveb spreadsheet - ballmer is gone try something non SQUARE

    is the future really SQUARE???