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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Back in time ...to channel 9

    without even bringing up UI / flyout / bla bla inconsistencies - here are a couple of examples:


    when i upload an mp4 and load it in chrome - sometimes it plays fine - sometimes it stutters - usually the latter, but that same video at the same url play perfectly in Edge. its engine or whatever it is is great. it opens fast. i can live with the BOXY ui.  there are a couple of neat things like read mode... but it never really seems useful


    what IS useful is a back button on right mouse. or full screen. or paste and go, or refresh - right mouse

    those are things that were in "Windows Browser" but are not anymore. (not paste and go)  they are MADDENING OMISSIONS

    i cannot use the fast media delivery of Edge - when it has no features.

    You can basically repeat the above - 4 year old complaint with Movies and TV (add to windows media player list - gone)... second - it plays NOTHING  buy vlc ffs

    outlook.com - well i just dont have the time to describe the frustration there...


    i wish you well MS i really do


    but it is so simple why people hate win10 (like all the articles KEEP saying)

    it is that you ignore your base.  and you must know by now - that ALL your base - belong to us.



  • Back in time ...to channel 9

    my god c9 youtbe has fullscreen now....  faints....

    ...back - 45 min later ... as usual - no replies (takes days... plus - you guessed it - no post read count (so no contributors to c9 can see if what they posted added value - by a number even with no replies.  i gotta say it is just sad

    really this whole site could be run off facebook - hopefully 150 million (old money) could at least get you coffeehouse.facebook.com or something - remember - there are those who BELIEVE c9 is not just a tutorial, a video, a how too... no c9 was the place to change things - to be a part of "the discussion"  thats why the same names still pop up year after year after year. those are people who care.

    I understand marketing. I know "old" people dont matter.  That you need the young focus and the bots that talk about hitler... its ok ,.... do all that stuff.

    but dont desert your users. thats why people hate windows 10.  it looks nice - the borders are finally not fat - but there is something to be said for a dialogue box 2 x 4 inches - that needs to cram in all its info.  it forces the developer to put all relevant things in that tiny space in an easy to understand manner.

    frankly - windows 8-10 has been just a mess of dialogues, looks, fonts,, flyouts - widely spaced things, look over here for things , look over there for things

    its a mess.

    the few things that work great about win10 are the old things - that you havent completely ruined yet in the name of phones and craplets.


  • Back in time ...to channel 9

    wow - i come check out the old site - every name i see is same old names.

    hello ya'll

    apart from that - it IS AN OLD site. no love for C9   STILL  (update it - crappiest free wordpress template beats the functionality of this poor excuse for an abandoned idea.. ( they are just being nice keeping it alive - but i digress....


    so - wtf am i doing here?  good question. basically i decided to actually check out the twitter account i made YEARS ago and never used and noticed it was jamiegrant999   LOL

    * number of the upside down beast! *

    so i thought of c9

    So hello.

    I see as well as with C9 - NOTHING has changed with windows 10 complete disregard of desktop / longtime users.


    Users who tried tablets for a year and now are gathering dust (but they use their PCs all day - every day.

    My windows phone supports less and less apps.... i cant add to win media player list.... photoviewer is still a joke... movies and tv is still a joke... edge is still a joke... outlook.com is still a joke...


    it seems all advancements are for workers on ...the subway?


    anyway - you know the drill. all the new metro apps still suck and have no features and no right mouse and i wish tablets were NEVER invented.

    Good news is im still working on my record - looks like terry draper from Klaatu may be coming on board - more on that later...


    newest tune is Near & Dear - celebrates 50th ann of yellow sub with little seen footage by George Dunning

    wake me up when windows 10 is good for people who do work (not play pokyman on phones with "bots" to wipe their asses)


    peace out





  • Another off topic post...

    thanks man!  its soooo appreciated! 


    we released cheese and fav thing - seconds before the prince avalanche ( ...and i love prince) but ya - that obliteraded us.  and with social media... you cant...post... again... or over

    so... CHARLES or you still here? (probably not) or whomever... duncan? rory?? lol


  • Another off topic post...

     youtube wont let me post 9Patrol!   ...  

    * the birth of activation (the activator) and the funeral for "Up" button :P

     another "illegal" one... bowie:  c9 5 years old


  • Another off topic post...

    cool - ill check it out.  but im like - 2 times grade 9 (failed me in art school - 49% becasue i did half the assignments ... 0,0 90,96, 0,86,0 etc) and 4 months of grade 10

    *edit: how bout i dont do all the stupid pointless projects and just do the ones i like (bzzzt wrong answer hans)

    i thought school was just - a disapointment

    played in a band - worked in restaurants

    i used to make band posters on photo copiers - then i had ibm computer with Dr Halo... to 386 (first Pop Vultures cd done on 386 pagemaker 2 ( no cmyk yet) transferred to corel draw 3 - had cmyk.  

    internet 1 came along and i was an easy fit  ( a thing no one knows what it is - let me introduce you to a dreamer) lol


    edit- may as well finish story - was owner of 25 head design/web company- took over mining co on TSX - had shares valued in millions - about to launch  - bubble burst (wah wah) worked for myself ever since.  cant complain  :)

  • Another off topic post...

    ha - HEY C9 Powers that be! 

    "Windows developer/songwriter Jamie Grant along with songwriter/producer Scott McPherson - have released an  .. um ... .interesting ...waltz! The video, created in Windows 10 - was inspired by The Point, Yellow Submarine and The Phantom of the Paradise: It's called My Favorite Thing, and features Zak Nilsson on drums"


    hey...worth a shot...   :P



    ^just wait till album comes out!!  beg beg plead plead... :)



    edit: windows and corel - still amazing after all these years

  • Another off topic post...

    you know...ill say this:  that fav thing vid almost killed me  lol

    "oh ya im inspired by the point and yellow submarine and phantom of the paradice...ill just make a video like that"   YEESH

     the ideas and clips  were easy

    the death sentence was the motion and the timing.



    not ideas, or clips, or bla bla


    it all comes down to sitting there for DAYS-WEEKS and moving dots around on a motion path - too high - too low - too fast - too slow


    hey- new song!


    * and it still isnt right... but you gotta draw the line and just stop sooner or later.  "oh his eyes should move here too" =  his separate eye balls should follow his eyeball-less face, as he moves across his timeline path with 50 dots on it... advancing towards the forefront  ... another 4 hours....


  • Another off topic post...

    hmm weird - both time sections are sort of differennt

    if you mean the exploding sort of watercolor overlay - thats exactly what it was. i searched for terms like that - and found this here:

    https://www.videoblocks.com/video/vibrant-watercolor-loop-ndqvgv7olijhcepuq/   (bought it - although i tried to beat the watermark)  Then i clicked greenscreen/transparent color as - different ones throughout.  so its only certain colors "bleeding" here or there

    as for the other section... its just motioon and a background. i clicked on rain and also clouds effect in CVP8  


    is that what you meant?


    ps THANKS by the way - glad you liked it :)   <- i did the first demo of this (on this site)

    :P  <- and that!



    edit - i recognize that rocket ship and sv  -  changed?

    edit2 - nvrmnd - was thinking of sven same rocket

  • Another off topic post...

    ...and that is good because you do NOT want to hear me go on about how NONE OF THE THINGS i wanted fixed - are fixed yet in win10!

    all "apps" still useless.. apps for babies...  im using media player and photoviewer. if they ever go away and i have to use Tv and movies (or whatever it is) and edge! (which actually plays media great - better than the rest - but has NO OPTIONS....

    anyway - thats not why im posting.

    remember all those c9 VIDEOs? i did.  well im getting better at video and am working on an album (after 20 years)

    Im working with a great musician scott mcpherson - Pop4 / Prefab sprout project

    Long story longer - the album is going well - we have now 3 - homemade - videos/songs


    check them out

    CHEESE - you most will like cause its fun/fast/funny

    MY FAVORITE THING - was inspired by harry nilsson and the point - and Zak Nilsson plays drums on it (cool!)  ...and its a WALTZ! (characters reminded me of c9guy!)

    WAITING FOR THE SUNFLOWERS is a trippy tune... turn it up!

    anyway - if youre bored check them out  *and like our FB page pls!!




    PS all above made on win 10 - with corel video studio pro - 8 (9 opens and bombs - stay away for now)  Plus photoshop coreldraw 17  and Videopad editor (great - but use the old one - opens anything - rescues anything...