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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Continuum for Apps

    * the best thing about windows - from win95 to win 7 = right mouse properties of any object


    they are taking this away - along with all the other right mouse stuff


    if i wanted no right mouse options - id have gone Mac





    you wouldnt be seeing articles like above if Edge actually could DO STUFF

    this whole "Lite" app bullsheet has got to end 



  • Continuum for Apps

    yes thats why if on a tablet it can stay all lame like it is now


    but on a desktop using a mouse - put all the features and options back - that used to be in photo viewer, IE, and media player


    the new apps are just so bad - on a pc - un-usable


    i keep waiting to see - New update avaiable: This update puts back all the functionality youve used for 10 years - into photos, edge and movies/tv



  • Continuum for Apps

    how about this - so if i am on a tablet and i open edge, movies and tvor photos - they all work just like they do now

    but if im on a pc - they open with the old normal right mouse flyout from IE - not the ridiculous new web flyout styled one

    Edge (desktop) would have full screen, back and refresh on right mouse, drag and drop photo saving, 

    Photos (desktop) would show the image name you are viewing (!) Offer an option to fade image to image - instead of scroll (going through large image folders with the images flying by on a big monitor is sickness inducing, drag and drop photos in or out, normal IE right mouse, the scroll wheel for zoom - not advance, the entire side areas where the tiny advance arrows are click able (so you dont have to directly click the tiny button - just anywhere on either side to advance (see any wordpress photo gallery) bring back i and 1 size button (100%)

    Movies TV (desktop) would add multiple zoom / video options, save video as, save audio as, media player right mouse options, the ability to play a video even if that video is playing in VLC (stupid new limitation "cant play this video as it is in use by other app"  why? media player can do this

    Im at the point where i just want to completely remove the above "apps" im tired of changing all the open with's and having it not remember anyway


    and last - somewhat off topic - that New huge delay - every time i open a photo or video - and the box comes up to ask Keep using this app etc... this is not only annoying it is seriously lagging out some of my older machines.  I have to right mouse - open with MS Paint to view things quickly - as using photo gallery - takes too long - sometimes win10 photo viewer reports cannot open image... i think that whole layer of checking is screwing things up - remove it!





  • so... they removed full screen from edge...

    * I know edge is "new" but what it is replacing is not new - and should have the BASIC features of its predecessor.


    so when I say removed - I mean - removed from the Microsoft browser environment - in totality


    * it is like - I used the IE Hammer for 10 years - and now MS replaced the IE hammer - but the new hammer has no rubber on the handle - and only hammers in nails - no extra part to pull the nails out


    I want the one hammer - but new. not a new hammer that is half a hammer


    I curse like a contractor everytime I have to go to the top to refresh or go back

  • The Radio


  • so... they removed full screen from edge...

    * chromes drop down settings has full screen icon beside zoom stuff.


    works well steal it.  also - please use the old ie MOUSE to TOP OF SCREEN = SHOW BROWSER ADDRESS AND TOOLS

    Chrome has a stupid layer that says you are in full screen - and you have to exit to get to the address bar




    ie did this best


    put it back


  • so... they removed full screen from edge...

    @old niners - you know I had to post that  :P



    and put BACK - BACK! (right mouse)


    and refresh ....and...  bah. just another cool looking app that's useless (fast tho - putting up with it ... hate it though ... so limited...)

  • how about this: make a COMPLICATED metro app

    the biggest gripes with metro apps is they dont do anything and offer no options

    and ... that is true

    so if anyone can prove that this isnt so - it should be MS


    take Mail, pictures, video/tv and redo them with MORE features and key shortcuts than their old counter parts

    show how a nice looking metro app can be even more powerful that old desktop apps


    if you cant - then stop with the metro apps - because they are pretty useless

    (i could write 3 pages on how bad Mail is even though it LOOKS fantastic - it does nothing)

  • the new metro apps are pretty lame...

    also - notice all the reviews about no one using Edge?


    thats because there is no right mouse  - refresh and back


    it drives me crazy having to go to the toolbar


    put IE's right mouse flyout in - you know - with OPTIONS in it


    at least - save image as... copy image ... save video as  (yes save video as)

    make drag and drop work  ... add view source etc


    and to other posters - ya me too - i switched to media player and photo viewer - as the new apps have NO regular features.

  • the new metro apps are pretty lame...

    photo viewer - black UI - ok ill give a go

    - does not say what jpg your viewing!

    - no - actual size - button

    you have to hit the side arrows exactly to see next (do you guys never see revolution slider in wordpress - or ANY wordpress photo viewer? sure the right and left arrows are there - but you can click NEAR them - anywhere on the right of left side to advance photos - pretty much every single website photo gallery has this - but yours is retarded.

    - scroll wheel advances - not zooms - = bad usage choice

    to zoom you have to hit stupid little icons again - at the bottom right.

     it is like you are saying - we tried so hard to be different - we put things in stupid places

    - no RIGHT MOUSE

    - no drag and drop in or out



    Metro video player

    -  escape dosent take you out of full screen

    - no rightmouse

    - no save video as

    - no dragging in videos

    - doesnt say what video you watching


    so do you really think we are supposed to use these?  they are a joke



    donald trump