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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • where is it? ill load it   :p



    (1 year old beagle Maude - keeps Mazie on her toes :P

  • where is it? ill load it   :p

    no word yet... icon unchanged

    is there a place to look?

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    this just in - i was too hard on everything


    i fixed a video problem - and spent a normal 2 hours setting it up - and all is cool


    i like it now.  the old machine is great


    MAN - do i over react !



    so..... WHERE IS IT??????

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    3 hours - an honest post - no way to tell views


    no wonder this site is a relic - and treated as one


    (i wouldnt treat it like that - and i would show who views what - the most important thing that was removed.  yet i still come here to say - ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS????


    that's a fan




  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    * if you say:  it is not possible to control the look of all icons in other apps

    id say - you bought every periferal when win95 came out and XP


    this is the same thing - but its not hardware..


    you litterally have to - go to BEST BUY ICON STORE - and look up every apps icons - if it is 3d - you need to make your OWN version of it that is flat - and replace the default icons after that app is installed

    To regain control over their icons - companies would have to submit an approved FLAT icon


  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    on my main machine...and coming from me - who loads everything - should you be worried? Am i wrong?

    Let's look at a couple of things


    UX - UI - ICONS

    - please tell me these are not the finished icons / UX.  It is - again - a mishmash of old and new.

    You cant have it both ways.  On the taskbar the first few icons are tablet like - line drawings - ripped off from iOS.  Then next to them is a blue edge logo.  You cant DO that. You cannot have a solid - next to outlines - and colors next to white


    perhaps you think this differentiates OS icons - from APP icons - then you need to add a thin line line AFTER the outline white icons.  As if to say - these end here - now here comes your dogs breakfast of old and new and flat and 3d and coloured and non-colored icons


    - on my computer (the one you gave me ive been using as a test ) all the above outline white icons look bitty.  Like 8 bit.

    - text in old apps - like in Spybot - looks blurry

    - All the new windows 10 icons.

     Im sure you have heard this before - in many posts and forums - they are ugly.  They try to look like the past - and sort of be flat - but they are not flat. Most importantly - almost everyone of them - the perspective looks totally wrong.  Lets look at what i see (above) when i open ... um... Explorer?

    the first 6 icons look like bad win95 / win3/1 icons.  They should all be traffic signs flat - outlines.  OR STOP USING THEM.  Just dont use both.

    also the first 3 are - sort of flat - and the next 3 are - sort of - 3d

    The colours are horrendous 


    Open settings icon - blue square with gear.... delete - remove huh?


    Then there is spacing

    The new min / max/ close - i see they are wider apart to accommodate fingers - but they are too thin to share that wide width - it looks wrong.  Go half the distance on these... or make them bolder 

    Recycle bin - half 3d half flat half out of perspective top to bottom - YEESH


    the area under the main explorer icons - the fonts mess with the above fonts - even tho they are light grey


    The start menu.  i will take the time to customize this and let you no later - but first thoughts are - half flat half 3d - no real "all programs" that goes to real folders with properties - not invisible metro style "crAPPS"  with no properties.

    I turned off all the MS new photos etc options screen - you havent earned trust yet - i want photo viewer (for now) prove newer is bet...FASTER


    top right time date - looks too big for area around it


    in general what ever the font is - looks bigger and more retarded than before - sort of too narrow and skinny to pull itself off


    these menus seem to change and look different - depending where you are


    for example - in edge all of wordpresses custom stuff no longer works - actually most all of wordpress doesnt work well in edge - it is either sluggish and buggy or just sort of draws weird

    Over all - on the first touch screen HP all in one - that was 3000 dollars - 7 years ago - that you gave me - every version of windows has made it faster and better - BUT win 10 (tech preview)


    i loaded the final release candidate (or what they say is) today - and had no speed improvements - and if any thing the network / internet speed has dropped lower than before - 


    everything is herky jerky and dragging windows around is sluggish


    i ran hijack / spybot / adaware / etc just to make sure it wasnt me


    THEN i wiped half the hard drive of photos, videos, etc to see if "more room" might help it go faster


    So ya - i know this is an old machine - but it is a GREAT old machine - that win10 has brought to its knees




    do i load win10 on my main machine next 2 weeks?  Win8.1 is rocking on my current machine.  Im fine with the half flat / half 3d - as we all no by now it was a mistake


    what im not fine with - is re-loading my machine to a new version that DOESNT FIX THIS, seems slower, more buggy, and doesnt let me control when updates can be loaded


    i think im staying with win8.1

    That wouldn't be too worrisome - if it wasnt coming from one of your biggest fans


    I predict a HUGE HUGE backlash if you auto update every one for free with this thing


    * ...if you thought a free U2 album was a backlash.. just WAIT

  • friggin awesome

    amazing  good work


    ..now about the icons lol

  • Fail

    so i was all excited about channel9.club and 20 people signed up - then i went to florida - and it stopped


    oh well.  better luck next crime ;)   MS - if you would like channel9.club - you can have it let me know.

    * re-affirm your commitment / offer free sites to members / make a facebook of msdn users - do it!  :)




    * disclaimer: there is none - its free - who do i transfer it too?


  • Windows 10 stinks!

    - 80 wordpress themes and plugins and widgets

    - fixed ftp, cd burning, zip/rar and OS customization

    - a default setting for UI for tech support

    - a folder for all the wieird metro stuff - where you can see a folder for every tile



  • Windows 10 stinks!

    back to thread....

    windows 8 is amazing so was 7


    win 10 looks great without the ballmer borders on windows and media - it is sort of slick

    but it is square


    let us customize it


    and do zip right. and do ftp right and cd burning right


    what would it be to buy winrar, cuteftp and nero...and stardick   40mil?  or a lunch break of revenue?


    stop doing sh_t versions of things

    then win10  will rock