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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • The times they are a changin' ?

    true to both last posts - so back to main theme of thread:

    can we expect actual changes in Windows, to reflect the growing competition - or more lawsuits?

    As a long time Windows user - who doesnt use Linux - but is interested in some of its philosphies ( free as in speech - not as in beer(zippy)..

    i truely hope MS will RELAX some of the things that have gotten into Windows - and Windows programs in general - due to lack of competition in those years

    - quicken - the most unfriendly and stringent  activation by ANY software company

    - Adobe product activation
    - MS activation, eula - that request more than just indemnity against the software it self ( what you create, whats on your machine, the ability to monitor, the ability to change/delete

    I guess we're heading to a DRM proprietary controled world on one side - and a free ( as in speech) and open one on the other.

    Microsoft's war on GPL -  "Microsoft has two goals from its patent licensing program. One is to create a new, stable revenue stream. The other goal is to make writing free software illegal." (theregister.co.uk)

    Instead of an new age of lawsuits and patents.. why cant MS "turn the battleship" - end many of the things many users dont wont - and further blur the lines between closed and open.. like this SITE Smiley

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    ***** actually heres the easiest way to say it:*****

    We all no OSS takes the best stuff about Windows / Office and trys to "clone" it  ( mono etc)

    But what about the things they DONT put in - on purpose?

    To me it shows exactly what people dont like - so you should use that as a guide to what people dont want

    i dont see what's so hard to understand about that:
    copy what they dont add like they copy (mostly) what you do add.

    - re- clipboard auto complete:
    There are too many annoying and un-natural things about the way this was implimented - that can only seen as change for os sake  ( STOP COLLECTING!)

    - There are lots of Linux installs you buy ONE and run as many as you like

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    There may also be a parallel drawn between Music Industry and MS

    Music industry was closed - demanded a certain way of doing things - high prices - treated artists badly - slow to react in giving consumers what they wanted

    Internet created free distbribution network, artists and users embraced it -  labels trying to sue customers

    MS was closed, demanded certain way of doing things, high prices, made Devs follow complicated specs ( to raise barrier to entry in markets)

    OSS /Internet created open and free system based on community and participation

    * And no - a bus trip in europe isnt going to save the day

    ***** actually heres the easiest way to say it:*****

    We all no OSS takes the best stuff about Windows / Office and trys to "clone" it  ( mono etc)

    But what about the things they DONT put in - on purpose?

    To me it shows exactly what people dont like - so you should use that as a guide to what people dont want

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    With open source programmers - building and designing things - in a natural way - not to prop up another products - will MS stop adding and designing stuff for no other reason than Windows/Office lock in

    Examples phrased different:

    Windows :  you need to activate
    Linux:  you dont need to activate

    Windows:  50 paragraph EULA
    Linux:  NO eula

    Windows - you need CALs
    Linux - you dont need CALs

    Windows - you need keep track of all software licences
    Linux:  you dont need to do this

    Windows - Lets make the clipboard do weird stuff that only MS or MS sanctioned apps can use
    Linux: lets make the clipboard copy and paste NORMAL

    Windows:  Clippy "Are you typing a letter?"

    So from the above list - every UN-NATURAL thing - that most people do not want - or do not like - has been REMOVED in it;s OSS counter part.

    So my question was - Can MS see this?  ackowledge it? Change it? Fix it?

    Or are they going to ignore it - and let OSS slowly and simply make software run the way people would seem to want.

    The mere differences in the list above - hopefully illustrates what bugs people about windows as they havent put it in to linux

    * the power to dictate how you want things to be - only works when theres no alternative.
    Now that alternatives are shpaing up.. will they act or ignore?

  • URL weirdness ( http:///?%20 )

    thanks karim Smiley

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    Windows / Office has - for a long time - had 90+ % of their respective markets, and as such, they have been in a position to somewhat... force users to do things their way, mostly for lock in reasons.

    Some examples might be:

    - No more installing Win over a previous win install ( deletes folder)

    - No way to simply install an app, then once its in a folder, it will always run ( not needing to be installed again)

    - the abominations autocomplete / win clipboard and OLE - mainly lockin OS wide features
    ( * MS Engineer: "Just copy in and out of notepad to remove all that junk"  Me: "why not leave it alone to begin with??")

    - Selecting text

    - EVERYTHING PowerPoint DOES

    - Activation, Activation and activation.

    With the Open Source world activley and busily thwarting these cruel and un-natural interventions -

    (cross platform, no activate, free, works as youd expect - not to "prop-up" OS - or other ap)

    ..put in place mainly to "enhance" proprietary software companies hold over its users.. will we be seeing a more RELAXED stance on these issues - or are things just about to get worse?  ( quicken Tongue Out / Lawsuits / Patent fights)

  • Congratulat​ions on WM9's manadatory status for HD-DVD

    both premiere and vegas have the win media plugin install - wehn you instal the ap - you can output to it no prob.

    all im saying is when you come in contact with an EXISTING asf / wma etc - it is usually USELESS

    keep your avi's as masters
    or use mpeg
    editable - redistributable - just plain better

    win media is TOO CLOSED

  • C9 Exclusive: MS Alumni Interview: Ben Slivka

    i think if you look to msn browser they are doing stuff - but its ham strung by charges to use it.. and suffers from the inline iframe design - screwy on lots of pages etc.

    The no new features in IE blame rests squarely on the shoulders of Mr Alchin.. as i believe he wants the browser in Longhorn to disappear into OS - admirable..but its been 3 - 4 years of nothing! This based on numerous books ive read on that particular timeframe...to date. 

    So thats why no updates that are cool for IE - arguably since ver 4.

    (5 just simplified GUI and added more dhtml and active x stuff) 5.5 fixed it.. 6 made it better still - but no new features to speak of.

    On the bright side - Channel 9 is a return to the days where we could speak with MS devs like ben and chris jones etc..

    so thats a good thing Smiley

  • Congratulat​ions on WM9's manadatory status for HD-DVD

    Win Media - the good:

    When i want to publish to web or make a home video for computer.. win media rocks - so long as i work off (large) avi files as masters

    Win Media - the bad

    When ever i download a winmedia file - and try to open it in premiere / vegas what have you... it doesnt come in like an avi or mpeg - usually not opening - or only coming in as a one frame movie = NO editing / frames

    * i admit i have not waded into the monolith that is winmedia documentation ( ie; whats the URL to a functioning tuner you can edit and download off msdn?)

  • SP2 breaks Web Based Powerpoint

    i have auto hide on by default

    so it disables it - and comes back on screen.. so I am to re - turn it off.. is that correct?

    no way to get rid of status bar - defeats whole point of full screen