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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • The times they are a changin' ?

    hey jeremy W Smiley  im glad your happy with your current solution  

    another way to describe the TECHNICAL aspect of this is - again - there is this thing called debian - or slackware - or whatever.. it sits there - its free - if you know how it works it boots - it runs apache.. it serves stuff - all free.  no activation. no cals. no extra time. 

    Myself? Im just learning hosting etc.. i bought 2003 and xp ( twice ) - i think personally ive bought windows... 15 times..by machine.. thats just me.
    ( include old company ive bought windows 200+ times)

    so in reality - ive paid MS over and over - while OSS wants to GIVE me stuff (like ms in old days)

    all im saying is there is an alternative now

    - that doesnt make you monitor how many you are running - and its free ( this time, as in beer)

    This post is dedicated to Speech side though.. - eula / cals / activation doesnt exist in the competitions offering

    i ask - why cant you copy want they DONT do

  • Now is the time to try Firefox

    the interface (win95) and icons (kindergarten) - sorry - im not looking at THAT all day..

    plus..i just cant get use to the way geko renders pages..in weird lumps - not fast like ie

    the only thing i like is how it has an auto magnifying glass for images

    ( ie team - rip this off please)

    dont need tabs.. themes are a good idea
    their fullscreen only has ONE toolbar lol

  • Microsoft antivirus

    i agree with /Lars first post in this thread..

    its sort of akin to taco bell buying the alka seltzer co. and putting small kiosks in their restuarants..

    eat the food - get heart burn then buy medicine

    i think its a huge mistake to try to charge for shortcomings in your own product

    they should dump this idea..

    On another note - they SHOULD buy adaware / spybot / cws-scrubber / highjackthis - and let them run as a team within MS

    SP2 does nothing to stop the crap that these programs fix - and for viruses - the most evil of all - id stay away if i was MS - and just link to top 10 companies

  • SP2 RC2 - fixes local fullscreen (no bars)

    well it's a start..
    but all internet http://  powerpoints and htm files still have 2 bars

    on a related note RC2 is alot snappier

  • Moblog dead in the water?

    ..and don't forget..

    Keep on..

    ha - couldnt resist

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    Dylan cant sing.. and he poses NO threat to how we do things now

    can you believe some people like this guys voice?

    crank up the frankie avalon/aero

  • What is...?

    Linux is ...

    Linux is unfinished.
    Linux is interesting.
    Linux is ugly.
    Linux is hard but secure by %
    Linux is current / cool / buzz

    Windows is ...

    Windows was USER FRIENDLY (sp2)
    Windows costs money
    Windows was here.

    Microsoft is ...

    Microsoft is Building a Global Monopoly.

    ...and losing by not reacting

    Microsoft is not making money on its browsers.

    ..because Jim wants them for Longhorn

    Microsoft is making lemonade.

    out of its fragmented past of Bush style domination.
    (oops did i get political? im in canada - dont bomb me! Wink

    Microsoft is not an innovator.

    YES IT IS - it is an innovator of other peoples shortcomings and mistakes benefitting the entire world

    Microsoft is right.

    until last 2 years

    Microsoft is Plain Crazy.

    until last 2 years

    Microsoft is everywhere.

    Scoble is...

    Scoble is an INSITGATOR.
    Scoble is still looking over his shoulder.
    Scoble is a good guy.
    Scoble is just plain RIGHT.
    Scoble is wrapping. HUH?
    Scoble is getting it.

    Lars is...

    Lars is Online
    Lars is approximately £1.
    Lars is Torture
    Lars is most professional.
    Lars is a little BUTT KISS *.
    Lars is a young strong Judo exerciser from Jutland.
    Lars is scheduled for decommissioning early this summer.

    /Lars is a breath of fresh air in hot debates - /Lars is un-confontational - /Lars is an all around good egg (y)

    channel 9 is ...

    Channel 9 is Alive.
    Channel 9 is all about the conversation.
    Channel 9 is either the next big thing in corporate communications
    Channel 9 is available Just for fun.


    i agree!

  • C9 Exclusive: MS Alumni Interview: Ben Slivka

    Adam Bosworth - YES
    The infamous skunkworks project that yeilded XML channels and on to .net

    another cool part ( mostly forgotten) was the original "integrated IE" beta.. i forget now what it was called.. but it was before ver 4 - maybe it was a plus pack.. damb i cant remember the beta name

    ** Nashville!    ( from bink site)

    Originated as Windows 96. "True Web Integration" technology. Web based shell for Windows. Designed as a new version of Windows but finally available as Internet Explorer 4 "Desktop Update" for Windows 95 and NT and integrated in next versions. (NOT IE4 itself!)

    also - yes! to chris jones.  * i only spoke with him on a few emails as ben went off to java..

    Those days were indeed magical
    you guys could use a few more of them
    channel 9 is a great step in that direction

    thanks to the powers that be over there (y) <- that's your thumbs up sign icon ( go johnathan go! Wink

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    im saying theres a transition happening that shouldnt be ignored

    there already ARE 100s of software companies operating under this newer model

    i dont think its going to go away

    under that model - they have managed to get rid of things - certain "old" software companies have taken for granted they can nicely..ram down our throats.

    Im saying the alternatives exist..  it can only be a matter of time before they get the polish on it

    if i were MS - i dont know what id do..

    but i would start be relaxing stuff - i USED to be able to get away with - simply because there was no other choice. Maybe id choose Services (msn) - rather than software for future growth - or hardware w/software i really dont know.

    For a server - WHY WOULD I NEED A CAL?? Load debian and apache. Do I?  not yet. Because i have ONE machine in the basement - but if i was at my old company that grew to 24 employees during Net boom - you can bet i wouldnt be paying for extra servers.. or activating anything - its a server it sits there - there is free software you put on it.. as programmers say "works for me!"

    Personally - I need photoshop.. corel .. frontpage.. but mainly because i KNOW them. I also like a nice environment to work in ( linux dudes hate the Fisher price XP - i love it

    I wouldnt go to Linux - mainly because it looks like programmers designed the interface / icons / the way the mouse moves.. the driver problems..but..

    ALL these things can be fixed.. and im certain they will be.  When that day comes - and my choice is between learning some new apps - or sticking with this heavy handed CONTROL - i will opt for the less big brother of the 2.

    The reason this is scarry - is i am a HUGE windows fan.. i have every MS book.. i love and recommend ie - im not the most stringent user of "web standards" - im bascially the ideal ms loving customer.  So for me to be saying this - i mean - someone better be figuring something out - becuase judging from MANY other posts here and elsewhere - im not alone and a huge exodus could be coming.

    It also makes me mad - that the more "open" free - as in speech - software becomes - the more limiting and locked down proprietary solutions become.

    It really is just a matter of time before the OSS methods win - they will.  thats why Im mad - and im yelling at my favourite company to DO something like they use to - to FIRE jim alchin - to get someone under 25 running stuff from the top - to stop acting like this linux thing is about free as in beer ( road show ) and paying for fake studies and every other method available to prolong the enevitable outcome that MS - like the record industrys business model must change - it must change fast and sweeping - like internet turnaround gates pulled off before

    im waiting and waiting - and its just not happening

    So to end this off - if action isnt taken soon - i guess we can all look forward to a world where big media / big software and DRM create a closed universe and lobby to have free - AS IN SPEECH - alternatives legislated out of existance.

    Is that the road my favourite software company is going to take?

    i hope NOT

    * im sorry if i sound like im yelling - im frustrated + like the smothers brothers say: if you fall in to a vat of chocolate: yell "FIRE!" cause no one will come if you yell "CHOCOLATE!"


  • The times they are a changin' ?

    sorry - i meant auto format - not auto complete