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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • The times they are a changin' ?

    Lars Windows EULA
    "By installing this software you agree  to not sue us, that you haven't really bought anything more than the right to install the product and use it on one computer, and you may not mess with it. "

    its a start haha

    as for what id do if i were steve b - here ya go:

  • Moblog dead in the water?

    i wish we could add stuff there.. anything with a picture

    ( im sure it bugs modem people when i post something with a graphic or screenshot in it .. but theres no real "sanctioned" area to do this)

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    "What you want is Microsoft to remove activation, EULAs and CALs? How would you like it to work?"

    What im actually saying is there is a new competitor that has already addressed the list above.. i believe MS has not. 

    If youre asking - what would i do if i was MS - i most certainly wouldnt sit on my hands waiting for the OSS world to get it's GUI together..

    For the EULA - for sure id write it in plain english - not legalese, id make it much shorter - ideally a 1 to 10 list of simple easily to read: You can - you cants.

    For the CALs - for enterprise customers - its probably a given, for everyone else though ( akin to Debian) customers shouldnt have to track software, especially when every machine you buy comes with windows ( ie; youve paid for it)

    For the activation.. if i were a propritary software company - i agree its a tough call - but i still belive if someone wants to "download windows free" they will.. hackers will hack it out - so all this is really doing is inconveniencing and frustrating loyal customers - myself counted amoung them

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    true to both last posts - so back to main theme of thread:

    can we expect actual changes in Windows, to reflect the growing competition - or more lawsuits?

    As a long time Windows user - who doesnt use Linux - but is interested in some of its philosphies ( free as in speech - not as in beer(zippy)..

    i truely hope MS will RELAX some of the things that have gotten into Windows - and Windows programs in general - due to lack of competition in those years

    - quicken - the most unfriendly and stringent  activation by ANY software company

    - Adobe product activation
    - MS activation, eula - that request more than just indemnity against the software it self ( what you create, whats on your machine, the ability to monitor, the ability to change/delete

    I guess we're heading to a DRM proprietary controled world on one side - and a free ( as in speech) and open one on the other.

    Microsoft's war on GPL -  "Microsoft has two goals from its patent licensing program. One is to create a new, stable revenue stream. The other goal is to make writing free software illegal." (theregister.co.uk)

    Instead of an new age of lawsuits and patents.. why cant MS "turn the battleship" - end many of the things many users dont wont - and further blur the lines between closed and open.. like this SITE Smiley

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    ***** actually heres the easiest way to say it:*****

    We all no OSS takes the best stuff about Windows / Office and trys to "clone" it  ( mono etc)

    But what about the things they DONT put in - on purpose?

    To me it shows exactly what people dont like - so you should use that as a guide to what people dont want

    i dont see what's so hard to understand about that:
    copy what they dont add like they copy (mostly) what you do add.

    - re- clipboard auto complete:
    There are too many annoying and un-natural things about the way this was implimented - that can only seen as change for os sake  ( STOP COLLECTING!)

    - There are lots of Linux installs you buy ONE and run as many as you like

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    There may also be a parallel drawn between Music Industry and MS

    Music industry was closed - demanded a certain way of doing things - high prices - treated artists badly - slow to react in giving consumers what they wanted

    Internet created free distbribution network, artists and users embraced it -  labels trying to sue customers

    MS was closed, demanded certain way of doing things, high prices, made Devs follow complicated specs ( to raise barrier to entry in markets)

    OSS /Internet created open and free system based on community and participation

    * And no - a bus trip in europe isnt going to save the day

    ***** actually heres the easiest way to say it:*****

    We all no OSS takes the best stuff about Windows / Office and trys to "clone" it  ( mono etc)

    But what about the things they DONT put in - on purpose?

    To me it shows exactly what people dont like - so you should use that as a guide to what people dont want

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    With open source programmers - building and designing things - in a natural way - not to prop up another products - will MS stop adding and designing stuff for no other reason than Windows/Office lock in

    Examples phrased different:

    Windows :  you need to activate
    Linux:  you dont need to activate

    Windows:  50 paragraph EULA
    Linux:  NO eula

    Windows - you need CALs
    Linux - you dont need CALs

    Windows - you need keep track of all software licences
    Linux:  you dont need to do this

    Windows - Lets make the clipboard do weird stuff that only MS or MS sanctioned apps can use
    Linux: lets make the clipboard copy and paste NORMAL

    Windows:  Clippy "Are you typing a letter?"

    So from the above list - every UN-NATURAL thing - that most people do not want - or do not like - has been REMOVED in it;s OSS counter part.

    So my question was - Can MS see this?  ackowledge it? Change it? Fix it?

    Or are they going to ignore it - and let OSS slowly and simply make software run the way people would seem to want.

    The mere differences in the list above - hopefully illustrates what bugs people about windows as they havent put it in to linux

    * the power to dictate how you want things to be - only works when theres no alternative.
    Now that alternatives are shpaing up.. will they act or ignore?

  • URL weirdness ( http:///?%20 )

    thanks karim Smiley

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    Windows / Office has - for a long time - had 90+ % of their respective markets, and as such, they have been in a position to somewhat... force users to do things their way, mostly for lock in reasons.

    Some examples might be:

    - No more installing Win over a previous win install ( deletes folder)

    - No way to simply install an app, then once its in a folder, it will always run ( not needing to be installed again)

    - the abominations autocomplete / win clipboard and OLE - mainly lockin OS wide features
    ( * MS Engineer: "Just copy in and out of notepad to remove all that junk"  Me: "why not leave it alone to begin with??")

    - Selecting text

    - EVERYTHING PowerPoint DOES

    - Activation, Activation and activation.

    With the Open Source world activley and busily thwarting these cruel and un-natural interventions -

    (cross platform, no activate, free, works as youd expect - not to "prop-up" OS - or other ap)

    ..put in place mainly to "enhance" proprietary software companies hold over its users.. will we be seeing a more RELAXED stance on these issues - or are things just about to get worse?  ( quicken Tongue Out / Lawsuits / Patent fights)

  • Congratulat​ions on WM9's manadatory status for HD-DVD

    both premiere and vegas have the win media plugin install - wehn you instal the ap - you can output to it no prob.

    all im saying is when you come in contact with an EXISTING asf / wma etc - it is usually USELESS

    keep your avi's as masters
    or use mpeg
    editable - redistributable - just plain better

    win media is TOO CLOSED