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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Now is the time to try Firefox

    your right it worked as well

    * they may want to make those little red blue green squares say what they are - i thought they were just decoration

    thanks Smiley

  • Now is the time to try Firefox

    Ill save shining arcainine the time:

    Full screen is the devil incarnate! The developers who wasted their time building this for Mozilla should be lined up and shot! 

    kidding!!! Wink

  • Now is the time to try Firefox

    thanks - i didnt notice it was for Mozilla - tried that and it WORKED!!

    * didnt work in firefox

    but this is great!
    Linux boot up into fullscreen kiosk device
    all FREE

    The times sure are a changin..

  • Now is the time to try Firefox

    bogusrabin! thankyou! for the link.. 

    QUESTION - no where does it say how i install the .XPI file

    * i tried dragging it in to every folder - just as a way to see if that worked but it didnt


    * i cant believe i have to move to another browser to get a feature my browser of choice had and REMOVED
    (in order to protect Windows)

    ** also - the kiosks i plan on designing would be used on one purpose devices so - this just brings me closer to Linux world.. and hey - thats FREE to include on machine free! right?

    * the only reason i never used any other browser was kiosk mode

    ms - you are really being idiots ( yes idiots)

  • New Balmer Interview on Activewin


    "We also are filing for 2,000 patents a year, a number we expect to increase in the years ahead."

    so lock load and litigate

    "..tapping into the growing technical talent pool outside the U.S. India is emerging as a world-class IT leader, and as China’s.."

    offshore everything we can


  • How Microsoft Lost the API War

    "Promising new technologies like HTAs and DHTML were stopped in their tracks. The Internet Explorer team seems to have disappeared; they have been completely missing in action for several years. There's no way Microsoft is going to allow DHTML to get any better than it already is: it's just too dangerous to their core business, the rich client. The big meme at Microsoft these days is: "Microsoft is betting the company on the rich client.""

    = no more full screen except on Windows client local

  • Microsoft antivirus

    ..of course the reason they are doing it is so they can eventually CHARGE for Windows Update "Premium"..


    the reason for the delay is marketing
    how do you get people to PAY for windows update

    when they answer that question theyll roll it out

    say goodbye to what little free stuff is offered on WU as the system theyre building is to - what else - maximize revenue

    * MS! too much nickel and diming at every juncture!

  • The times they are a changin' ?

    hey jeremy W Smiley  im glad your happy with your current solution  

    another way to describe the TECHNICAL aspect of this is - again - there is this thing called debian - or slackware - or whatever.. it sits there - its free - if you know how it works it boots - it runs apache.. it serves stuff - all free.  no activation. no cals. no extra time. 

    Myself? Im just learning hosting etc.. i bought 2003 and xp ( twice ) - i think personally ive bought windows... 15 times..by machine.. thats just me.
    ( include old company ive bought windows 200+ times)

    so in reality - ive paid MS over and over - while OSS wants to GIVE me stuff (like ms in old days)

    all im saying is there is an alternative now

    - that doesnt make you monitor how many you are running - and its free ( this time, as in beer)

    This post is dedicated to Speech side though.. - eula / cals / activation doesnt exist in the competitions offering

    i ask - why cant you copy want they DONT do

  • Now is the time to try Firefox

    the interface (win95) and icons (kindergarten) - sorry - im not looking at THAT all day..

    plus..i just cant get use to the way geko renders pages..in weird lumps - not fast like ie

    the only thing i like is how it has an auto magnifying glass for images

    ( ie team - rip this off please)

    dont need tabs.. themes are a good idea
    their fullscreen only has ONE toolbar lol

  • Microsoft antivirus

    i agree with /Lars first post in this thread..

    its sort of akin to taco bell buying the alka seltzer co. and putting small kiosks in their restuarants..

    eat the food - get heart burn then buy medicine

    i think its a huge mistake to try to charge for shortcomings in your own product

    they should dump this idea..

    On another note - they SHOULD buy adaware / spybot / cws-scrubber / highjackthis - and let them run as a team within MS

    SP2 does nothing to stop the crap that these programs fix - and for viruses - the most evil of all - id stay away if i was MS - and just link to top 10 companies