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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • My new album...

    Off topic - i know. But for anyone interested - link below.  These were all done this year in my office. i played wrote sang and recorded on Personus Studio one 3

    Album URL   http://www.graphicjam.ca/guitarmageddon.zip



  • Windows 10 + 4K Monitor - Painful

    i got this 2 months ago




    although i paid 1100 for it  ( #$#% )  wow 799


    i love it - 3800 x 2600 (or spmething like that not upstairs)   im stuck at 30 hz tho - couldnt figure out getting to 60hz

    even with dvi - 2.1 cable and vid card - and card has 8gig of ram too


  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    its not websites - its millions of websites.  just saying -  to all those wp users - edge is broken


    i know i cant use it - and would like too


    (i know you guys hate wordpress - but lots of people use it.  try edge with it)


    * you also cant right mouse paste with edge in WP


    only contrl V   (unlike ALL other browsers)

  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    drag and drop works in ff and chrome and IE with wordpress


    its the new browsers issue to fix


    or how about - i am on my desktop and i drag in image into edge to view quickly

    i get a stop circle red icon.  just another thing edge cant do ie could

  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    ...but we can talk to our browser and draw notes on webpages


    you think this is going to help people use edge?

    edge is a car with no steering wheel brakes or gas

    just a useless dashboard that does nothing

  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    either or

    plus Edge needs refresh and back on right mouse

    ludicrous it isnt there already


    ps - how long til they fix this?  edge share is dropping - it is beacuse it doesnt DO anything

    no fullscreen having to leave bottom of the page for refresh and back


    did webdev's even try Edge?  you cant use it

    also drag and drop - as if im not going to use wordpress - upload photo - D&D

    using edge i have to "Browse..."   go to folder - select... what is this 1997

    and display email images if i click them. i dont want to download - i just want to see

    the war on images in email since XP sp2 has to END

    so lame



    edit:  take the original outlook express - that showed inline attachment images - and make it look like win10


    again - another OLD APP .. that does STUFF.  the new stuff does nothing

  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    have to re-type / remember all my ftp://etc everytime there is an update


    also - i feel like im in windows server 2003 after that last update

    the flyouts with thick <hr> 's and top bar in color again - which if youve got a color for your desktop makes them disappear


    cortana comes on when the radio is playing - over and over (didnt used to)


    ALL of the useless modern apps still dont do anything useful

    - no drag and drop ( !!!!!!)  -  hardly any right mouse options (save video as - paste as plain text - paste and go - save audio as




    videos still can only play one instance of a video - (sorry in use errors) 

    all the stupid "are you sure you want to keep using this app" dialoges still take 5 or more seconds to come up when i want to see a pic or open a pdf


    NO I DONT WANT MS PDF!!  how many times do i have to set it to adobe

    also please add rotate video

    pictures still dont use right mouse wheel to zoom


    arrows on side of photos still too small - should be entire sides to advance

    sliding photos on big monitors hurts eyes - use fade

    need 1 and 1 view button


    basically what i need is IE, Media Player and Photo Viewer - EXACTLY like they were - with all their options - but that LOOK like windows 10.

    and please ensure that those modern "crapps" only come into use if you are in continuum or tablet mode


    again - they compoletely suck and so does mail


    just REMOVE them... like tomorrow!

  • Continuum for Apps

    * the best thing about windows - from win95 to win 7 = right mouse properties of any object


    they are taking this away - along with all the other right mouse stuff


    if i wanted no right mouse options - id have gone Mac





    you wouldnt be seeing articles like above if Edge actually could DO STUFF

    this whole "Lite" app bullsheet has got to end 



  • Continuum for Apps

    yes thats why if on a tablet it can stay all lame like it is now


    but on a desktop using a mouse - put all the features and options back - that used to be in photo viewer, IE, and media player


    the new apps are just so bad - on a pc - un-usable


    i keep waiting to see - New update avaiable: This update puts back all the functionality youve used for 10 years - into photos, edge and movies/tv



  • Continuum for Apps

    how about this - so if i am on a tablet and i open edge, movies and tvor photos - they all work just like they do now

    but if im on a pc - they open with the old normal right mouse flyout from IE - not the ridiculous new web flyout styled one

    Edge (desktop) would have full screen, back and refresh on right mouse, drag and drop photo saving, 

    Photos (desktop) would show the image name you are viewing (!) Offer an option to fade image to image - instead of scroll (going through large image folders with the images flying by on a big monitor is sickness inducing, drag and drop photos in or out, normal IE right mouse, the scroll wheel for zoom - not advance, the entire side areas where the tiny advance arrows are click able (so you dont have to directly click the tiny button - just anywhere on either side to advance (see any wordpress photo gallery) bring back i and 1 size button (100%)

    Movies TV (desktop) would add multiple zoom / video options, save video as, save audio as, media player right mouse options, the ability to play a video even if that video is playing in VLC (stupid new limitation "cant play this video as it is in use by other app"  why? media player can do this

    Im at the point where i just want to completely remove the above "apps" im tired of changing all the open with's and having it not remember anyway


    and last - somewhat off topic - that New huge delay - every time i open a photo or video - and the box comes up to ask Keep using this app etc... this is not only annoying it is seriously lagging out some of my older machines.  I have to right mouse - open with MS Paint to view things quickly - as using photo gallery - takes too long - sometimes win10 photo viewer reports cannot open image... i think that whole layer of checking is screwing things up - remove it!