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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • good work

    that's it. good work

    it is amazing to think about what can be done when an engineer runs the company instead of a sales guy

    you pulled it off - congrats

    the end



  • where is it? ill load it   :p

    ps - here is the Maude video (puppy) if you didnt see it)


  • where is it? ill load it   :p

    ps - i typed download windows 10 - and microsoft.com came up and i loaded it from there


    3 machines - all perfect  (plus the hp tablet from before = 4)


    my desktop



  • where is it? ill load it   :p

    aww man - so sad


    we got maude cause mazie is over ten now - we thought - what will we do with no other beagle!  so we got a puppy.  Funny thing - one beagle is quiet - 2 beagles are nothing but trouble. 


    but.. we love both now.  *i had wanted maude to roll in the grass - like snoopy dances - and like mazie does.  but she doesnt.  she gives HUGS!  she jumps up and puts her paws on your shoulders - and lets you hug her. (no humping or dominance thing either)

    so... just remember - as hard work as new beagle puppy might be... and that it wont be like your old beagle - .... it will still be a beagle. and as such - provide happiness in its beagle way


    therefore - i strongly recommend you load windows 10 . do it for the beagles!

  • where is it? ill load it   :p



    (1 year old beagle Maude - keeps Mazie on her toes :P

  • where is it? ill load it   :p

    no word yet... icon unchanged

    is there a place to look?

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    this just in - i was too hard on everything


    i fixed a video problem - and spent a normal 2 hours setting it up - and all is cool


    i like it now.  the old machine is great


    MAN - do i over react !



    so..... WHERE IS IT??????

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    3 hours - an honest post - no way to tell views


    no wonder this site is a relic - and treated as one


    (i wouldnt treat it like that - and i would show who views what - the most important thing that was removed.  yet i still come here to say - ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS????


    that's a fan




  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    * if you say:  it is not possible to control the look of all icons in other apps

    id say - you bought every periferal when win95 came out and XP


    this is the same thing - but its not hardware..


    you litterally have to - go to BEST BUY ICON STORE - and look up every apps icons - if it is 3d - you need to make your OWN version of it that is flat - and replace the default icons after that app is installed

    To regain control over their icons - companies would have to submit an approved FLAT icon


  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    on my main machine...and coming from me - who loads everything - should you be worried? Am i wrong?

    Let's look at a couple of things


    UX - UI - ICONS

    - please tell me these are not the finished icons / UX.  It is - again - a mishmash of old and new.

    You cant have it both ways.  On the taskbar the first few icons are tablet like - line drawings - ripped off from iOS.  Then next to them is a blue edge logo.  You cant DO that. You cannot have a solid - next to outlines - and colors next to white


    perhaps you think this differentiates OS icons - from APP icons - then you need to add a thin line line AFTER the outline white icons.  As if to say - these end here - now here comes your dogs breakfast of old and new and flat and 3d and coloured and non-colored icons


    - on my computer (the one you gave me ive been using as a test ) all the above outline white icons look bitty.  Like 8 bit.

    - text in old apps - like in Spybot - looks blurry

    - All the new windows 10 icons.

     Im sure you have heard this before - in many posts and forums - they are ugly.  They try to look like the past - and sort of be flat - but they are not flat. Most importantly - almost everyone of them - the perspective looks totally wrong.  Lets look at what i see (above) when i open ... um... Explorer?

    the first 6 icons look like bad win95 / win3/1 icons.  They should all be traffic signs flat - outlines.  OR STOP USING THEM.  Just dont use both.

    also the first 3 are - sort of flat - and the next 3 are - sort of - 3d

    The colours are horrendous 


    Open settings icon - blue square with gear.... delete - remove huh?


    Then there is spacing

    The new min / max/ close - i see they are wider apart to accommodate fingers - but they are too thin to share that wide width - it looks wrong.  Go half the distance on these... or make them bolder 

    Recycle bin - half 3d half flat half out of perspective top to bottom - YEESH


    the area under the main explorer icons - the fonts mess with the above fonts - even tho they are light grey


    The start menu.  i will take the time to customize this and let you no later - but first thoughts are - half flat half 3d - no real "all programs" that goes to real folders with properties - not invisible metro style "crAPPS"  with no properties.

    I turned off all the MS new photos etc options screen - you havent earned trust yet - i want photo viewer (for now) prove newer is bet...FASTER


    top right time date - looks too big for area around it


    in general what ever the font is - looks bigger and more retarded than before - sort of too narrow and skinny to pull itself off


    these menus seem to change and look different - depending where you are


    for example - in edge all of wordpresses custom stuff no longer works - actually most all of wordpress doesnt work well in edge - it is either sluggish and buggy or just sort of draws weird

    Over all - on the first touch screen HP all in one - that was 3000 dollars - 7 years ago - that you gave me - every version of windows has made it faster and better - BUT win 10 (tech preview)


    i loaded the final release candidate (or what they say is) today - and had no speed improvements - and if any thing the network / internet speed has dropped lower than before - 


    everything is herky jerky and dragging windows around is sluggish


    i ran hijack / spybot / adaware / etc just to make sure it wasnt me


    THEN i wiped half the hard drive of photos, videos, etc to see if "more room" might help it go faster


    So ya - i know this is an old machine - but it is a GREAT old machine - that win10 has brought to its knees




    do i load win10 on my main machine next 2 weeks?  Win8.1 is rocking on my current machine.  Im fine with the half flat / half 3d - as we all no by now it was a mistake


    what im not fine with - is re-loading my machine to a new version that DOESNT FIX THIS, seems slower, more buggy, and doesnt let me control when updates can be loaded


    i think im staying with win8.1

    That wouldn't be too worrisome - if it wasnt coming from one of your biggest fans


    I predict a HUGE HUGE backlash if you auto update every one for free with this thing


    * ...if you thought a free U2 album was a backlash.. just WAIT