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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !

    ok i un-checked that  (send csv)


    but really it is just sending you what you typed...



    * you are added to the club!  (when ever the heck it goes online)


  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !



    one sec

  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !

    * also - back all those years - the fact i even registered channel9.ca - caused a kafuffle... well here it is 2015 - channel9.club coming soon  ( no kafuffle) lol



    anyhow... let me know your thoughts.  is this a waste of time?  could it work on other sites or scenarios - but not here?


    as the .club domain is so new - and just getting out there (wine.club just sold for 140k) just throwing ideas at the wall. i thought all the old members here being apart of the site they loved might work..


    (and as with channel9.ca - i would hand off channel9.club to MS if it works)

     edit -ha its a chanel perfume rip off site now



    always a fan



    edit - i updated homepage to just a form


    any one who fills this in will get to - be part of experiment and have a free hosted site   _____.channel9.club

  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !

    still friggin waiting.  i even got .club to deal with aplus for me...   but anyway - some new thoughts -

    Back in the day - i did a whole channel9.ca thing - which was... - also - a site to try to aggregate a bunch of ms links and sites into one UI

    i had thought recently - that because coffeehouse had been neglected - design update wise - that it might be fun to wrap a "Windows 9" ui - around it - to make it - seem , new - and do the same old - all the ms and neowins all in one place idea.


    but really - if you notice - the idea is the free hosted sites.


    im just going to assume - that if you come here - for the better part of TEN YEARS - that you might like a website with the channel9 moniker in it


    and if enough people liked that idea - it could be considered a club - and everyone here could join - and get a free site - and we could all use the ui - to switch between our different sites.


    so that is the difference - or idea


    i probably should have just put a form that said - "join channel9.club" rather than another wrap around extravaganza - that probably works only 75% of the time (iframes...)


    Anyway - im not discouraged and will continue to flesh this idea out - especially the subdomain idea -  masterpi.channel9.club  cheong.channel9.club   beer28.channel9.club  (ha)


    anyway - THAT part of the idea i thought was interesting


    c9 should have grabbed there own .club... if they did - i bet there would be more replies to this post than 1




    edit - plus i did a quick c9park referring to the seth rogen pot stench office x ms ceo switch


    thought that might have got a laugh


    is there anybody....out there  </roger waters>  :)





  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !

    c9 login doesnt work - but if your logged in already - it should work


    still waiting on Aplus.net...  


    edit - i guess it works cause i posted this from within the site

  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !

    ps - looks even better ...wait for it ... FULL SCREEN!  ;)


  • Site test for - ​Channel9.​Club (coming soon) *alpha! !

    I have the domain - (but there are issues importing the "new domains" into my existing a-plus account)
    waiting on support ticket

    in the meantime - ALPHA test site here:


    Take aways:

    - windows 9 exists!  ;)

    - channel9 is not forgotten

    - all the die hard users here can get a free site at channel9.club (or thats the plan)

    - see my test site sample under members / a-m / jamie  (this runs at jamie.claramoir.com - but it would be jamie.channel9.club

    - it is all responsive - including most embedded feeds - only the channel9.msdn stuff is NOT 


    what do you think?

    would you use it? it is indeed coming soon - and ill copy it over to real URL

    also - please post MS or channel9 specific URLS i should include in the main "Start menu"



    ps - remember i work for .club (graphics / dev)





    EDIT: i TOLD you it was a weird idea for a site!  ;)




  • does channel 9 need a new look / site?

    im going to try something out for the fun of it


    i can make it responsive - but all these posts wont be...


    is there some type of code i can inset in wordpress - like i see there are plugins for the videos - but not forums?  maybe rss could would

  • does channel 9 need a new look / site?

    man it hasnt changed in ...YEARS


    with all the new excitement for ms leadership and products - please vote yay or nay below

    * and yes if you vote yay - it might inspire me to do a ...  weird...idea i have....

    * but c9 team - if youre about to roll out something new let me know as the idea wouldnt be worth the effort then  - thanks :)

  • Jeffsand left his job at Twitter

    ya and no reason why or anything - just - gone