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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    thanks gduncan411  


    gduncan411.channel9.club and in user menu at channel9.club


    ps - i found a site that does what i need

    i was looking for a forum and tried lefora.com - and when you sign up - they have a widget that actually says :

    "name available - please wait - creating subdomain - finished"

    and they give you the forum name whatever.lefora.com

    *i did a test of forum for channel9.club (on startbar www.channel9.club)

    but i used zetaforums instead

     edit - strike that - i used forumotion.com (free no ads)

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    thanks Bandar you are set up and should have received your login email





  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    anyway - it is fun charles and larry checked it out /signed up - plus some 9ers


    i have half succeeded in my original goal of drawing attention to the fact this site hasnt changed in YEARS


    we are not slashdot - we are devo!






    edit - all of above somewhat assumes - that if MS - not me - launched channel9.club - with free sites and cool url - that more people would have signed up

    that would be true - correct?

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    ...of course in a perfect world - MS would use channel9.club


    they would use the gist of this idea - but not use wordpress


    (the gist is just give fans and devs there own site at channel9.club - like a mini linkedin but with no sales guys!!! - and its open and extensible - and its a real hosted site - with 2 cool urls:

    yourname.channel9.club  (external)


    channel9.club/yourname  (internal - added to menu at mother site)


    they would load the same custom - verified MS - site for each new user install


    it would come with all kinds of links to things built in - that channel 9 and msdn users love - and go to each day - and it would do it correctly without iframes

    plus ability to add your own - iframe-ish - additions/sites  (customizable)


    really it would just be a place to say - hey i like ms i work on phone stuff - and i like ms - i make icons etc


    it would give channel 9 members / users, - the daily ones and the - from a far ones - (all the same really) a reason to believe C9 was not a concept by long gone employees - but a vision - or the START to a vision - that many of us have kept alive - to this very day

    i hope MS asks me for channel9.club.  i hope they plan to use it to show commitment to its long time and new fans

    they can have it free 

    in the meantime - ya its wordpress and iframes :)

    hey! wordpress actually does rock




    edit: so did you all miss my long convoluted rambling posts? im hoping so!



    edit 2 - if i had actual DB access and help i could re-make this site in 2 days to be responsive - ...yip wordpress :P

    edit 3 - im using it cause its free to give away! yip wp  :)

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    just a quick tip:

    the free WP template im loading for your user sites doesnt even really use pages
    it is really simple to edit

    just go to dashboard / appearance / onenote

    the whole rolling frontdoor - and its sections can all be changed modified there

    of course you can add regular pages of your own like normal - but that main frontdoor page has all its settings and content in one place -  dashboard / appearance / onenote

  • More proof MS technologies are on the way out...

    wassss appp!  ee  ;)

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    thanks larry - got your email and your set up larrylarsen.channel9.club

    and in the menu at channel9.club


    ps - im going to work on my jamie.channel9.club wordpress site soon... i think this idea will make more sense if people actually work on their free sites - add stuff about themselves etc.

    been busy...


  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)




  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    cool :)

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    the idea was the member sites - like yours: spivonious.channel9.club

    but it wont work if no one bothers to use/change the sites ;)


    *you can ignore the "iframe" stuff - but i actually use them

    i go to channel9.club and check all the ms news at winbeta,neowin,supersite,maryjo - i check the forum here, etc.  saves typing them in - all in one place