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  • First Look: Streetside in Bing Maps

    I new some one would get on here and complain about Google having streetview first.


    I think the integration of photosynth is very slick. A little disconcerting to think you might just happen to be able to look in side some ones home. Smiley


    edit: i just took a test drive of the new bing maps site. i enjoyed it very much. Still a couple things i would like to see done with photosync but for the most part very cool. I think this is one that 'marketing' should get a hold of and share with as many people as posible.

  • Ping 38: Facebook SDK, MSN Video, Bing, Bill Gates, IE8

    I like Dolly Parton. I like her music and where she is from. I don’t think she has forgoten where shes from. She is a self made woman. I can’t imagine only liking one or two genres of music, or not having some appreciation for country music. In an attempt to be hip we walk on by and miss so many things. I would suggest listening to Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors song. You might like it, you might not but i think she wrote the song and gives some insite into who she is. I think its funny she admits to not knowing much about computers. i think she will reach a great group of people with her message. The gambler by Kenny Rogers is a good one as well.

    I was disappointed to see users ability to upload video on soap box go the way of the Dodo. I hope Bing Video will let users upload video once again. But ether way I look forward to seeing Bing Video. The way the MSN video is previewed is so much better than that other companies.Wink

  • Ping 36: Zune, Seth MacFarlane, voice recognition, Impatient Optimists

    Voice! woot! woot!

  • Bug Killer – A Channel 9 Halloween special


    I like bunny’s and rainbows.

  • The Notepad Bug - But Why?

    bringin da love to notepad. Great vid. Dont know where you dug up the guy in the video but hes a pro.

  • Folder naming errors- But Why?

    I had to look this one up on the internets to find out if it was true or not.


    Why hasn’t Willie Nelson done any marketing for Microsoft? Seriously  Big Smile 

  • Folder naming errors- But Why?

    Why does my PC take so long to boot up?

    Why no building 7? The real story.

    Why is Ballmer still the CEO? Big Smile

    Why doesn’t note pad have a spell checker?

    Why no pop up "helper" called Clippy in MS word? On second thought scratch that last question.


  • Brian Beckman: On the General Theory of Channel 9 and Life in the Universe

    This is the first time I had heard of the explanation for why we speculate there is dark matter.

  • Brian Beckman: On the General Theory of Channel 9 and Life in the Universe

    C9 Rocks!
  • Ping: Episode 3

    A circle will fall into a circle of the same size. You have all been had. There is a smaller lip that goes around a man hole that keeps the cover from falling in.
  • Ping: Episode 1

    Its monday... where is the next episode?
  • Ping: Episode 1

    I come to channel 9 as one of the daily sites I visit. I am amazed by how much content that gets put up on the site. There is a new video almost every single day. That amount of content is unprecedented. I visit Blizzard.com  site a lot as well. a couple of my fav sites. But they don’t put near as much new content up on their site. they still have valentines up on their site. I like watching episodes on channel 9. Some of my favorite videos are those of Bill Hill and those that deal with MS personalities. I also like behind the code. I do have a couple least favorites. But it’s not enough to make me rant and rave. I focus on what I like and leave what I don’t like to others to enjoy.

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