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  • Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 1

    I’m not a fast reader. But I like to read. I take my time to take every thing in. I went and started to read the book found on your web site, The Mabinogion. I read for about an hour. I read about the fountain, the castles and black nights of who acquire mortal wounds to the head with a sword. All interesting stuff. I pushed F11 and read the book at full screen mode on my 19" monitor desk top computer. I would like to go back and pick up were I have left off. Some kind of book mark would be nice.

    Something I really miss about reading on screen is having an actual book in my hand something I can touch. A physical representation of volume. I had a hard time getting a good representation of how far into the book I was in relation to the finish. I saw the page numbers and that helped some. I had to page threw several button pushes to see how close I was to finishing the chapter. I don’t know if this is relevant to any one ells but it’s my first thought when reading. I like knowing how big the book is im reading. I evaluate the time i have to reading. I like to be able to finish the storys i start.

    I liked the font, it was clear to read. Much more clear than the Gutenberg.org. The button up at the center top broke me away from reading. Maybe a button at the bottom right on the last page might help so I don’t have to search as far for the method to turn the next page. I think scrowling also distracts from reading.

    (Edit: links to the different chapters would also be nice. )
    (Edit: i went back and finished the first story. in the book)

  • Countdown to PDC2008: Secrets Revealed

    This is what the audio says....

    "Thank you for calling new farms where nothing is left to chance. When ordering samples from our entire collection, be sure to start with the correct seed. Only a perfect number will guarantee your satisfaction. We appreciate your patents. One of our representatives will be with you shortly. " 

  • IE 8: Privacy - It's about more than cookies

    I had a visitor use my computer. Once they were done with it I keep getting junk mail delivered to my email address with the visitor’s name. At this point its just annoying but its also a little creepy to think that some how my email address is getting out there just by browsing the internet.

  • Jillian Venters - A Goth inside the Deathstar

    I loved this interview. I got a kick out of how many times Charles said "interesting" in this interview.
  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    Fascinating interview. I found the most interesting part was when the conversation was turned to concurrency.

  • Tech Ed Orlando: Day 3

    looks like some one has been using xRank
  • Abolade Gbadegesin: Live Mesh Architecture

    Used to be, a computer on every desk top. Now, Every computer in a cloud. right?
  • Brian Beckman: Project Quark - A New Beginning for Quantum Computing Rises from the Ashes of Theoret

  • Expert to Expert: Erik Meijer and Bertrand Meyer - Objects, Contracts, Concurrency, Sleeping Barbers

    “I don’t use the internet any more because they can steel every thing” in context that was a very funny comment.

    Regarding the Sleeping Barber Algorithm and with out breaking the demonstration. Wouldn’t you want to have as many barbers as you have chairs?

  • Wandering Around London's Science Museum with Some Niners

    The brilliants of making a machine that does polynomial functions is fascinating! I can’t begin to imagine how one goes about making something like that. Even when I see it it’s hard to believe. I admittedly paused just to get a closer look at that human brain.

  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    I to have looked over that edge. It took all the strength I had to scrape my self off of the floor I had been sprawled on for the past 3 days to walk my self into a free clinic. I was extremely dehydrated and had pneumonia. They gave me fluid and strong anti biotic interveinously and let me go. I sat in the waiting room trying to gather enough strength to go home. I recovered. Im greatful to the the doctors, clinicians and nurses who gave me that day, more time.

  • Kentaro Toyama on MSR India

    Hearing about some one who doesn’t go beyond 2 clicks on a computer to find information reminded me of my tepidness to learning how to use a computer as a kid. The current clicking interface just isn’t really how a lot of people like to interface/comunicate. It makes me smile to hear the test subjects don’t see the reason why they would be asking a computer how to find a job or why the information like that would be in a computer but rather they would ask their Nabors for this kind of information. Makes sense to me.

    Today I have to click buttons and type in key words to receive a Data retrieval of my query. I ask how far away today’s capabilities from an interface are something like MaxHeadroom, with out the annoying personality. Of course it’s probably even further away from the mains stream use of those who are ilitarate.

    MSR you guys are awsome.