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  • Imagining the Imagine Cup

  • How many customers a year do you reach? Meet Kathleen Hogan, VP of Microsoft Customer Service and Su

    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Charles, how come you didn't ask the questions?

    Sorry about 5 minutes it I was bored.

    if you continue to watch you will find that Charles does chime in.

    in all it was an excellent interview.

  • オンラインサービス事業部 塚本さん - ​オンラインサービス事業​部の現状とこれから

    Ichikawa 日本でマイクロソフトの何人人々が働くか。何をWindows について好む生きているか。何をマイクロソフトで働くことについて好むか。Big Smile
  • Bill Hill - A Hike Around Microsoft's Forests (Happy Birthday Video #5)

    Thanks to Bill Hill for teaching me some of the basic points to tracking. i wasnt aware that i had this ability that you speak about. but some how i gave it a try and wowzers, it works! Smiley 

    I had an oportunitie once to track some peoples foot steps once. and it was amazing to see that i could conclued/speculate alot about some people just by the lenght of thier stride, thier shoe size, even the type of tred they had on thier shoes. i got so cought up in it that it actualy was rather fun, something primal about it. It was almost excilerating to be down on the floor with my nose in the dust looking for the next step...

    any way, thanks.

  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Lab

    I think that little soccer playing robot is so cool. I liked how it actualy tracked the ball.

    So 2050 is the year Robots vs Humans in a soccer game.

    "The Segway is capable of speeds up to 20 miles per hour. A speed-governing key is used to limit the speed of the personal transport model to 10 miles per hour, or "three times faster than the average walker." "As of June 2000, the fastest running human is Michael Johnson, 1996 set the world record of running 200 meters in 19.32 seconds. Johnson's record can be calculated to equal 10.35 m/s or 37.267 km/h
    Ill be rooting for the Robots. Smiley

  • Frank Seide - Video Search (Microsoft Research Asia)

    This is very exciting to see the use of speech recognition technology used in an application.The search was faster than what I was expecting. Does it use a cash system, like a web based search engine would use? What was the memory size of all the video?

    You mentioned a speech recognizer. What is the process for compiling a speech recognizer?

    Can channel 9 feature more videos like this one, applications using speech recognition technology? I can only imagine what other things are being worked on.  Answering machines, automated appliances operating on voice commands? I can turn the TV on with out having to use a remote control, and navigate to my desired channel just by speaking out loud the channel number. (Or as seen in your video: just by telling the TV the subject matter I want to search for).  Does this mean I’ll eventually be able to talk to my car as though I talk to a person (granted the AI is there)? For those times I lock my keys in the car. I would say “George“(because George is the name I would give my car). “George please un-lock my door”! How about navigating my computer, I would like to talk to my computer rather than type all the time. How about an application for gaming? Xbox 360? It would be great to have team based game play where you’re able to audibly give commands to your AI team mates via head set and mike. some of the menu displays for that stuff gets so clutterd and in the way. Im qualified to asist on developing a computer game with the application of speach recognition. =)  Pushing the buttons on my automatic money teller machine is so out of date; the buttons are always so dirty to. “I would like to deposit 10 dollars please” then I would place my eye up to the scanner rather than type in my pin number. So much faster. No more having to carry a whole wallet full of cards. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sit on a pile of magnetic cards each day at the office? Will I be able to order a pizza with out having to employ a person to stand by the phone and wait for me to place my order? This technology will be great for phones.

    My favorite will be the international language translator. A devise to be carried by a person to translate the words some one speaks into any given language the user specifies. It would do wonders for Americans vacationing in Paris. The tablet pc would be a nice transport device for this software.  With every one having a tablet pc to carry around with them, then all the world powers would have no excuses for not understanding one another and they would then all get along with one another. I'm a very optomisitic person.

    It is a very exciting time for this technology. Thank you for sharing the video. I hope to see more like it and have my questions answered.

  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    Bill Gates is a wonderful person, along with so many of those who work at Microsoft.

    Some times I wish there were computer soft ware that could be written to "fix"/change- all World problems. As of yet this has not been done.

    Change to be made on the scale of curing world poverty, hunger, and disease takes people who are able to create infrastructure that executes complex algorithms.

    I am glad for Bill Gates and his decision.


  • Sriram Krishnan and Pratibha Kumar: Visual Studio for Devices

    You all have a true vibrance for life. It is a pleaser to make your acquaintance.
  • Mary Snapp: VP and Deputy General Counsel

  • Mary Snapp: VP and Deputy General Counsel

    It is a luxuriant display of information.

    Excellent Video. I have watched it 4 times. More than I have watched any other video on Channel 9.

    One question. Who's office is this? They like their art work. Wink