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  • New Trek - Well done!

    The new Star Trek does seem to wipe much of the slate clean. Theoretically they have yet to embark on their 5 year voyage of exploration. I hope that when they revisit this episode they redo the fight scene.


  • New Trek - Well done!

    I have a question regarding the movie. When the evil Romulus ship first came threw the blackhole/anomaly it looked like a “storm in space”. Then when Spock came threw the anomaly 25 years later, again it appeared as a storm in space. Those are the two times the anomaly occurred. So my question is. As the enterprise approached Vulcan a briefing given by Chekov said there appeared to be a storm in space but there was no such anomaly that occurred with the drilling of the planet. Was there a 3rd anomaly or is there a plot hole here? Maybe ill have to see it again.



  • New Trek - Well done!

    I enjoyed it. "Live long and prosper." Was there just a hint of anger in Spocks voice when he first said that line? Spock seemed to be a little unstable in this movie. showing the conflict between logic and emotions.

    And what did ever happen to Capt Archers beagle?

  • channel9.ms - no longer points to coffeehouse

    Things seem to be changing on Channel 9. I felt it a while ago. Its not as inviting as it once was for some one who isn’t a professional programmer. I think they are just trying to tighten their message.  tighten up the conversation. I blame the "hardest riddle" thread for all this. =)

  • Obama bow

    hmm. Interesting. I don’t pretend to know how to run a country. But I do know a little bit about relationships. I think it’s good to show respect. I think its fear that drives us to put up walls and pretend to be superior and unbendable.  I think it’s sad that we have to be a “Christian nation” or a “Muslim nation” or any other religious nation.  What about being a nation of just people?

  • New design? Awesome!

    Where did it go? BRING IT BACK! i didnt think i would miss it like i do.

  • New design? Awesome!

    Please oh Please! make it stop!

  • Mathematics of Free Will

    Interesting artical. Thanks for sharing it.


    Free will? From life experiences and serious evaluation, it is my hypotheses that free will is an allusion. One state is predicated by the previous state or combination of states. A person’s decision making is a chemical make up and the firing of Neurons in the brain. Life experiences can play a role as one factor in dictating a person’s response in decision making. Things are just complex enough to look like things move unbound.

  • Wolfram Alpha

    TommyCarlier said:
    JoshRoss said:
    “Kangaroo mole chicken”? Sounds like a delicious stew! Tongue Out

    Half my searches are done in the form of a question. I am guessing many others do as well. I have asked both Google and Live what is the meaning of life? I have been very disappointed in there inept ability to find a meaningful reply.

  • Spam Link is Back

    First thing im going to do is mark this thread as spam!  just kidding. Smiley