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jason818_253.33 jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy

    I dont know anirban.d.das. I dont work at Microsoft and so any input i was to give might not be of help. Sounds like you did rather well. you could probably give us some pointers. congrats. Smiley

  • What do you want from life?

    I want nothing more than what I already have, hope it lasts and to share it with others.

    I strive to retain what it is I already have. my health, my family, my Love for Life.

    To pursue money and 'things' as though it will bring me happiness is like chasing a phantome and becomes something I can never get enough of.

    I work because its fun and I play as though im not getting any younger.

    it would be nice not to die.  If i could have a wish, it would be to live 50 life times. with each one i would take a new profecion, learn something new, expierence different hobbies, live a different culture. To me, 72avr years is far to short of a life span to experience it all. I would be a pilot, profession athlete, farmer, banker (for maybe a month), a programmer, an artist, salesman, a dad, an actor, fisherman, a cook, an astronomer, a janitor, a teacher. I think it would be wonderful to live each life as a different religion. I would learn to sail, ride a bike a thousand miles, eat an ice cream with my best friend and more...

    I try to live life like I only have one to live.  no holding back, take risk, explore, learn, love, feel, experience.

  • Bill & Linda Gates Foundation, redux

    JohnAskew wrote:
    What is accurate to say is that Capitalism is based on the real world, not in theory. 

    Look at it as a scientific model instead of a moral model.

    The domain of morality is not the government, per se, for the USA, but the individual, whom we respect to make the moral choice.

    Governments who cloak their authority on morality are actually denying the individual both the liberty and the respect to act morally,

    I appreciate your coments JohnAskew and think they make for good food for thought.

  • Bill & Linda Gates Foundation, redux

    scobleizer wrote:
    The thing that communism didn't get is that people work harder when motivated. Communism just wasn't that motivating. I'd rather go to the beach. Capitalism holds a reward out there for working harder. Maybe some get it, maybe some don't, but it's out there so more people work harder under this system.

    If you don't understand how people think and how they'll keep adding value to society over time you'll never grok why capitalism works and continues to do so.

    Does it work? define "works". Im not saying it doesnt, it probably does what its designed to do.

    Is there any thing better than capatalism? Is capatalisme the all, the be all and end all of an economic system? Does it at all favore those born into oportunity? is every ones opertunity the same? does it level the "playing field" for those born into economic hard ship? is every one born with the same capasitys, talents and skills, alowing them to grow in an open capatalistic market? Generally speaking, are those who have disability able to  acheave the same rewards as some one with out a disability?and then finally, does a person with a geniouse IQ desearve more reward than those who have a learning disability or some type of mental hindarent, when they both work equally as hard? simply stated - should a developer who sits at a computer make more money than the person who takes out their trash? 

    Is some ones time in this life truelly more valuable than anothers?

    These are some questions i ask my self and i have yet to come up with a viable solution. Im still working on it.

    I think capatalisme is great. heck i live in america, how can i complain? im not convinsed that it cant be improved upon. Then again maybe its not a matter of an economic system per say but rather the nature of people and impoving on that. i just have so many questions. Smiley

  • Max - Did Microsoft shoot themselves in the foot (again)?

    Tonatiúh wrote:
    ScanIAm wrote:
    Tonatiúh wrote:
    erik_ wrote: [...] We live inside the information area according to many, but if you ask me we still need to learn how to communicate correct, before we are gonna do anything with large amounts of data/information. [...]

    I don't use to find many people around my very small world, whom are able to diferentiate amongst the three semiotic paradigms behind those words, quite different between them... I think that, though certainly at the "Age of Information", we are also at the "Age of Confusion".

    A agree with you Erik.


    What the...?

    I thought only marketing made words up...

    When I study or just read some texts, I also do... Is it offensive?

    That’s awesome. People making up words. This is the greatest revelation of the day for me. Just last night I told my wife I have Grandioseouse ideas. Quite bluntly she informed me there is no such thing as grandioseouse but that it is “Grandiose”. I just laughed, and replied “No, their grandiouseouse!” LOL


    And isn’t that the nature of the creation of new things? It’s so hard to get some people on board. 


    I love my wife dearly.  

  • What advice would YOU give to a fresh Microsoft recruit today?

    My advice would be.


    There is no such thing as a subordinate. Every one is an associate. From Steve B all the way to the person who empties your trash can. Or in some cases your recycle bin.


    Job titles are simply a way to define a persons current job responsibilities and not their value. Every one has something to offer. Every one! I have learned that I can learn amazing things even from the most seemingly unlikely of people.


    Keep your eyes and ears open.  And have fun.

  • do you have to use a pen with tablet pc's?

    edit- redundant post removed

  • do you have to use a pen with tablet pc's?

    eagle wrote: jamie, we've gone down this road before...

    Im glad we are going down it again. I missed it the first time.

    When I am reading my e-book, surfing the internet, or looking up local movie listings all on my  tablet PC type devise some day, I rather be using my fingers to turn the page than with a stiles. But when writing, or drawing, or taking notes I rather use the pen. 

    For right now i am also realy interested in figureing out how to make a tablet PC do both.

  • do you have to use a pen with tablet pc's?

     It sounds logical that there be a convergence of these two technologies on one devise, (Electromagnetic digitizer with stylist vs touch sensitivity for fingers) with the ability to toggle from one to the other or to have both
    turned on or off simultaneously. 


    Is it my understanding that this can not be done on today’s hardware? Like for say, the Gateway Tablet PC?