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  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    Whether it can happen on XP or not, we would hope that Vista and beyond would be better Smiley


    I'm new to Vista/Windows 7 (i.e. UAC), I just installed Windows 7 a few weeks ago on my Wife's computer, and today I took the plunge and installed Windows 2008 R2 on a new computer I bought for myself. I'm a developer.


    So far, I must heartily agree with the second post in this thread, that there is something messed up with fileshares. I'm seeing more or less the same behavior as he descirbed.


    I've created a user on the Windows 7 computer, and added him to the administrators group and every other group on the computer, and then I gave all of these groups read/write access to a new fileshare.


    However, the only way I can access the share is if use the "Administrator" account for the credentials to access the fileshare.


    The other account can access the public share, but not the additional shares.


    I'm not looking for a solution - this is a home network, I'll just login with the Administrator account and be happy ever after - but I'm just trying to underscore a problem and provide some agreeance with that poster, even if it is 2 years later Smiley