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    how about some configuration walkthroughs. . . .?????

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    What does he mean when he says the Windows Store does not require an MSA?

  • UAC - What. How. Why.


    Thank you for your replies.  It's great to see you take such a proactive, enthusiastic stance with both the technology and your customers.

    On another note, I ran into a behavior I'm not so sure is a bug but rather just misleading.  I created a folder on the desktop and then later tried to rename it.  I received three prompts including a UAC prompt.  Finally, the rename failed.  I was logged in as admin and had adequate permissions.  After a google or two, I realized I had a word doc open that was in the folder.  I closed the documents and renamed the folder without any prompts.   In other words, the interaction I had with the system gave me the impression it was a security restriction of some kind and nothing about open file or anything of that sort.  I know this may not be in your area but the access denied and UAC prompt was confusing.  In XP it's real clear: "close down any open programs."

    For what it's worth . . .
  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    I watched your video again and caught a reply to my own comment-- some programs you don't want to run as admin even windows programs-- so they get the "more dramatic" UI.  You used IE as an example.  I'm assuming Meeting Place would also fit. 

    The only thing I would add is the fact that the title of these pop-ups state's that it's an unidentified application.  Do you really want Windows not identifying IE or Meeting Place?
  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    I may have found another bug.  Running Vista Business.  I disabled elevation prompts for standard users.


    As a standard user, I get the expected dialog box denying my account access and not prompting me except when I try to change Windows Firewall settings.  Instead, it just sits there.  Specifically, I navigated to CP and selected Windows Firewall.  From there, I'm selecting Change Settings.  It has the Security shield next to it so I'd expect one of those "you-can't-do-this" window but I get nothing. 

    FYI . . .

  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    Just have to say- EXCELLENT stuff.  Love Channel 9.  Keep it up.


    FOR JOHN or CHRIS:  I started right-clicking a bit to see the different credential windows and I noticed that when I run as elevated against Windows Meeting Space i get a unidentified program prompt saying it's an unrecognized and unsigned app.