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  • Windows Vista "Time Warp": ​Understandi​ng Vista's Backup and Restore Technologies

    I like Vista, but I wish they would fix a few things with ShadowCopy:

    1. Vista's Backup system "ShadowCopy" is a great concept, but it's done at set intervals. It would be much better if a ShadowCopy of a file was made automatically when a file is saved. For example, let's say I made a few changes to a file and save it a few times while I'm working on the file. But then I realize I made a mistake and would like to go back one version. Because ShadowCopies are made at set intervals, I can probably revert back to yesterday's version, not a version saved 10 minutes ago.

    2. Also it would be nice to tell Vista what folders/files that the ShadowCopy should NOT make back-ups of -- in order to save valuable harddrive space. For example, when you use Media Center to record programs, you create large files that are probably each at least 3GB. These files are inherently meant to be stored temporarilly: you watch the recorded program and then you delete them. However, with ShadowCopy this deleted large file is kept in the background. So it would be nice if you could tell Vista not to backup the "Recorded TV" folder and thus saving harddrive room.

  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research's Next Media group

        It's too bad more features of this Photo Triage software didn't make it to Vista. It would have been cool to view photos dyanimacally by date. As it is right now, the photo organizer in Vista lacks the capability to easily view how many photos there are by date. Even other photo organizers have a bar graph feature which allows you to view this.  I also liked how you could select a bunch of photos and place them in a well for later use. Too bad they didn't do this in Vista. It might have made Vista more innovatived to the critics. I think Microsoft playyed it too safe.