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  • Conversation with scientist, engineer and database legend Jim Gray

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks to you and Barbara for such earnestness in the video.

    Do you think Microsoft as a company is reaching a Digital Equipment Corporation moment in its history?  How would you say Microsoft now compares to DEC when you arrived there?

    I note warmly in your posts that you say "competition is great."  As a consumer of various software companies' products, I could not agree more.  Perhaps the competition will spur Microsoft to save itself.

    Finally, I cannot stop myself from asking -- though I know full well that you may not feel comfortable answering, and in that sense I am imposing on you just by voicing the question -- how do you feel about Steve Ballmer?  I think he may have literally gone over the edge and become insane.  Which both saddens and scares me, but I guess "it is what it is" as they say.
  • Omar Shahine and team - New Hotmail ​"​Kahuna"

    I really like it, the new Windows Live Mail.

    The hard work is paying off.