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  • DataBinding to a Web Service in ASP.NET 2.0

    guercheLE wrote:

    Does DataGridView have an "Enable insert" option? I have not found such feature in DataGridView so far. Would you mind giving us directions to it?

    Disclaimer: I haven't actually watched the video.

    That said, a GridView doesn't provide an configurable means of inserting new data, i.e. there is no "enable insert" option.  The GridView control does inherit the ability to support insert operations via an InsertCommand, much like a SelectCommand or DeleteCommand.  You must write this manually, though.  Furthermore, I found it necessary to create FooterTemplates to support this data entry and to create an EmptyDataTemplate to allow entry of initial items.

    So, as mentioned: it can be done, but I think there are easier ways to do what you want.

    Jim Greer