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  • geekSpeak Generics (and more) in VB with Jim Duffy

    excellent. I learned more from this than all of my books. Having Glen walk thru the multiple examples of using generics made all the difference. If you're new to generics, do NOT miss this webcast.
  • Shamez Rajan - VB 2005 Express in action

    Great video, Shamez. I learned a few new features. Also, I didn't understand the part where you mentioned that VB Express only connects to the desktop Express version SQL Sever 2005. At work, I'm able to connect to our SQL 2005 enterprise machines in our network operations center. Did I misunderstand? I need to say this for anyone reading this post. The express versions may be geared towards beginners, but trust me, I dont know how MS is giving away so much functionality for free! I'm a full time developer and I use VB Express and Visual Web Developer Express. The differences between the express versions and the full versions are so small, its not funny. And the things that it wont do are available thur 3rd party developers and lots of them are very good open-source addin's. If you are a beginner or weekend warrior, and you grow to a point where its time to move to the full-blown version of Visual studio, you'll see what I'm talking about. They're excellent products. jbrown