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  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    Welcome to Channel 9. I'm really glad that Microsoft continues to attract new generation of people to Channel 9, at least showing that one of my favorite online video channels will continue to be available for a while. I totally agree that the way we create contents, get information, communication or even our lifestyles have changed continuously due to the evolution and revolution of science and technology. A common issue being raised is that does the convenience brought by technology somehow make us less willing to try hard? In Physics and Mathematics, we ALWAYS talk about ideal situations and theories, knowing that real-world situations will never be IDEAL. But as our society progresses, fundamental natural sciences are still something UNFAMILIAR to most people, leaving those who are genuinely interested in STEM ALWAYS super minority. To me, technology is more-or-less a double-edge sword. To those who want to be more productive, or to physicists, mathematicians, or any scientists, technology enables them to explore the areas which are simply impossible without technology. Those people simply get smarter and more productive because of the "more efficient" use of energy due to the help of technologies. On the other end, there are A LOT MORE people who ONLY read what on the surface, or as people say, "Judge the book by the cover". Technology makes them even lazier and more simple-minded, taking everything more for granted. At the end of the day, ALL of the inventions created are ONLY tools. It's up to the people who decide the outcome.

  • Keynote #1

    I used to think that I would be satisfied by just watching Microsoft's demo videos. But the moment I read that Microsoft was going to release Windows '8' 'Developer Preview' to the general public, I did not wait to download it immediately. My PC is now running Windows '8' 'Developer Preview'. Not that I do not appreciate Microsoft's efforts to give us high-quality demo video; > 7 GB for a video of > two-hour length is indeed a very large file. Usually I do not bother to consider downloading smaller but lower-quality video. However, I do realize that not everyone has good enough speed and bandwidth to download such a large file. It's just as Microsoft said, what has been shown, even in this lengthy and large video file is merely a tip of iceberg. From my brief personal experience, Windows '8' is far from being ready for commercial release and I'll definitely not recommend it to ordinary users. Still, I'm glad for some of the progresses being made. I'll use all available means to inform Microsoft and the others about what I think of Windows '8', which will ultimately benefit billions of people including myself when the product is finally 'done'.

  • Ping 102: PhotoDNA & Facebook, Xbox update, Give-aways for students, Windows Phone on Verizon


    Congratulation, dentaku. Well, I don’t own an Xbox of any generation currently. Kinect add-on is not particularly useful to me, considering that I’ve no plan to get an Xbox anytime soon. As for the glitches of streaming videos, while the idea of being able to watch streaming video instantly sounds great, I still prefer to download the whole video before watching it. Maybe I belong to old-school web users but I do like stability and predictability. As you bet, I do not watch streaming videos from some of the most popular video hosting sites, such as YouTube, directly in the web browser but rely on an application called Orbit Downloader to help me download the video or (streaming media files) into the hard drive first. I’m glad that the current version actually supports HTML5 video.


  • Ping 101: The Skype deal, Bill Gates & Fashion, Phishing on Facebook, Microsft Research


    Congratulations for having over 100 comments on the 100th episode of Ping Show. I really like the show and wrote my comment to voice support for the Ping Show. Most of the time, we just watched the show without leaving feedback as we were not always having things to say… Laura and Paul had indeed carried out an experiment on 100th episode and the result is interesting: People may do things differing from their usual behavior if there are some incentives of certain types. I can deduce that the number of comments will be reduced to usual level without a special reason, such as giving us 100 comments to show support so that we can continue to bring episode 101 and so on…


  • Introduction to Office 365


    We’ve made use of Windows Live SkyDrive since it was first released three years ago. A considerable amount of essential personal data and data at work has been stored there. Running applications right in the web browser is not anything new. Google has offered Google Docs since 2006 (through acquisition of another company). Roughly five years have passed, I still need Microsoft Office to be installed and run locally. Stripped down version of applications make sense for light editing. At the end, we still need ‘real’ productivity suite to get the work done. I guess that storing data in the cloud is still a relatively new concept to many people, thus giving business opportunities to companies such as Microsoft and Google.  We can now get a wide range of Windows Live services from Microsoft for free although Microsoft positions them as the complementary services for Windows experience. Take instant messenger for example, Microsoft has offered Windows Live Messenger (known as MSN Messenger previously) for many years. It does allow us to have a simple chat through text, voice or video. Those tools are not really optimized for businesses, being much more oriented to home users or consumers. Despite having the name of ‘Office’, I think ‘Office 365’ is more about collaboration, cloud storage, and online communication, rather than being a replacement of traditional desktop productivity suite.


  • Ping 100: HaloFest, Kinect you in Carbonite, Talking to the wall, Ping celebrates 100!


    Channel 9 is pretty much place aimed for developers and tech-savvy guys, I guess. I do not really expect ordinary folks who are actually patient enough to watch some videos on Channel 9. Ping Show, to me, is pretty much extraordinary compared with other shows. I felt so relaxed with the way Laura Foy and her partner presented the show. I’ve to say that I did not find any information relevant to me in this episode of 100. Still, it marked a significant moment for Ping Show, I guessed.


    Going forward, I did not expect Laura Foy or others can remain in Ping Show forever. How long will this show last in the coming months or years? Will Channel 9 find replacement for hosts in the future? Even though Ping Show will certainly not last forever, I sure hope it can last as long as it can.


  • Campus Tours: Fuse Labs with Lili Cheng


    I should have commented this video right after I watched it. After watching another Campus Tours video and commenting it, I thought that I might post my comment here also.


    I’ve a mixed feeling about the rise of social networking. I do not want post status update of myself on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps I’m too secretive to be a sociable person. Still, I do appreciate blog posts that give insightful and inspiring ideas. I generally do not make judgment from, say, 250 characters. There are some people who dislike reading lengthy blog posts. However, I am eager to learn various issues that have great impact on my life and society, as well as some interesting thoughts and ideas on Mathematics and Science.


    I’m far from being shy to express myself or speak out my minds. To me, blog is an essential tool for me to share complex ideas that I may come up with. There are times when my personal preferences do not matter much. If someday I will have to engage with the public very often, I do think that Facebook and Twitter will be valuable tools for me.


    Lili Cheng did not think of herself as a writer. I do not too. Nevertheless, the “summary” of some idea or report will take thousands of words, with a lot of details being left behind.


  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Microsoft Hardware Model Shop


    I’ve paid close attention to Microsoft as I rely on a number of software products from Microsoft to get my work done. Frankly, I rarely paid attention to Microsoft’s hardware product manufacturing. I knew that Microsoft was making mice and keyboards since the beginning of GUI. One of the original goals is to promote GUI. Such goal has been fulfilled a long time ago but Microsoft, admittedly, is still making mice and keyboards of good quality.


    Microsoft’s Campus Tours gave me opportunity to see the environment where Microsoft’s employees work. However, this video did give me an unexpected benefit, that is, I got to peek at how Microsoft designed and made its hardware products. Even though hardware manufacturing does not make significant money compared to cash-cows such as Windows or Microsoft Office, Microsoft is still actively creating and manufacturing hardware products of good quality.


    I’ve a set of Microsoft’s wireless keyboard and mouse at home, mainly being used by my father. Compared with keyboard and mouse being manufactured by some unknown companies from China, Microsoft’s hardware product is much more expensive. I’ve not used the ‘Arc Mouse’ myself but it seems to be pretty cool. I do not think that I will get one of those higher-end keyboards/mice coming from Microsoft. To be fair, while I may spend some money buying a decent PC, I prefer to spend less on peripherals such as keyboard and mouse.


    I’m not the kind of guy who is fond of designing products. Still, I find this behind-the-scene video fairly interesting.