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Jeff Sandquist jeffsand Inch by Inch
  • MIX 11 - Not doing live sessions this year?

    Keynotes will be streamed live at http://live.visitmix.com


    Be sure to tune in on day 2 where some members of  channel 9 team will have a significant role in the final 20 minutes of the keynote.


    All keynotes and breakouts will be available here on channel 9 in the events area within about 24 hours.


  • Single Digit Community?

    The Coffeehouse has always been a forum for Channel 9 "insiders" it ebbs and flows as users come and go. Individual posts here definitely doesn't get the traffic compared to our videos (a few thousand views for a popular coffeehouse posts versus 100,000 + for a popular video) and that is ok.

    One of the things we've been thinking about is using the Coffeehouse as well for announcements about Channel 9. Like we did for the Ninies or for Channel 9 Live at Mix. The next step is being able to push these types of threads to the top of the homepage on Channel 9. We're coding up a simple way to that right now so we can give visibility to these posts on the homepage and also be able to do it for things like our new event session content too.

    I love the coffeehouse and being able to chat with you all. I think it is important for us make sure people are aware it exists and can join in too.

  • Happy Birthday To Channel 9!

    Seven years ago today! Happy Birthday. Thank you all for being a part of this.


  • Goodbye, Lofwyr

    I use a Windows Home Server to backup locally 2 desktop PCs and a couple of laptops in my home. For offsite storage for music, video and photos I have a http://mozy.com account.

    The home server is awesome for performing hard drive replacements/upgrades and Mozy is a wonderful fail safe.

  • Channel 9 Studio Renovations

    Yup. Now that the studio is nearing completion we can get back to using sets, chairs etc. We had to make do while we expanded our space.

  • Channel 9 Studio Renovations

    Larry and folks have been working hard on our studio renovations. Very cool to see them almost complete. We definitely need to update the tour video now. Smiley

    Green Screen

  • Sharing is good for the Coffeehouse

    Good thread.

    When we built features for Channel 9, they can often fit into a number of buckets, like:

    • new areas of the site (like the new coding 4 fun area)
    • bug fixes
    • user suggestions

    The feature above of the sharing via FB / Twitter was added to a number of areas in this minor update. We added the ability to share projects, show pages with the idea that when people do this it helps build awareness of the content to other users and more people coming to Channel 9.

    One of the things we've often tried to do with the coffeehouse is treat these forum posts with more equality to our videos and with that allow people to share them on the same terms as they would other content.

    Thanks for the feedback on what you want done with the forums.


  • Sharing is good for the Coffeehouse

    Cool that you can now share posts in the Coffeehouse with Twitter/Facebook now.

  • Coding 4 Fun

    One remark: 'See it in action' opens the Zune desktop software and then gives me an error "This can not be displayed" in my local language. Is that becaus I don't have a phone? The should stille be able to explore the apps rigth ? I'm not able to go to 'apps' under the marketplace section, the link is just not there.

    Interesting, what is your locale? I suspect it could be that the marketplace is not available in your locale??

  • Coding 4 Fun

    Yup, we saved the fun logo for coding 4 fun.