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Jennifer Marsman

Jennifer Marsman jennmar

Niner since 2007

Jennifer Marsman is a Developer Evangelist in Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism group, where she educates developers on Microsoft’s new technologies. Prior to becoming a Developer Evangelist, Jennifer was a software developer in Microsoft’s Natural Interactive Services division. In this role, she filed two patents for her work in search and data mining algorithms. Jennifer has also held positions with Ford Motor Company, National Instruments, and Soar Technology. Jennifer earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her graduate work specialized in artificial intelligence and computational theory.

  • How to Apply Deep Learning to Real-World Problems
  • How to Construct and Use Decision Trees
  • Fun with Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Bing Predicts: Sporting Events
  • Bing Predicts: Awards Shows
  • Bing Predicts: Politics & Elections
  • Bing Predicts: Reality TV
  • Bing Predicts: How It Began
  • Live from Build 2016: Cognitive Services
  • CodeChat 060 - Toradex Makes a Cool, Little Windows 10 IoT Board

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