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  • Channel 9 Live at PDC09: Dean Hachamovitch

    C'mon Dean, blaming 3rd party add-ons for poor performance is getting a bit tired now, especially when I see 71 Microsoft add-ons listed in Manage Add-ons | Run Without Permission in my copy of IE8.


    How about making it easier for 3rd party developers to talk to someone - *anyone* - on your team? After all these years you STILL have no formal way for 3rd party ISVs to do that.



  • Expert to Expert: Inside Bling - A C#-based library to simplify WPF programming

    Bling seems to be one attempt to make it easier to code against some powerful and liberating stuff that would otherwise be written off as 'too hard' by the majority ... and that can only be good for the future of UI.

    I heard Sean trying manfully to get that across, and Erik (sorry about the earlier mis-spelling) missing it completely in favour of some DSL vs API whimsey.

    The fact that *I* competely missed the 'Expert to Expert' format I can only put down to being a victim of my new medication Wink

  • Expert to Expert: Inside Bling - A C#-based library to simplify WPF programming

    It would be good to see a piece where Sean's obvious enthusiam was encouraged to come across without being squashed at every turn by Eric wanting to show off.  Check the last frame.  If looks could kill, Eric would be a dead man.

  • Michael Wallent: Advent and Evolution of WPF

    Sensible questions from Professor Sneath allow Michael Wallent to recover all of the ground he lost with those dodgy "ActiveX is only used for advertising" pronouncements around the time of EOLAS. If this is the face of Microsoft's current strategic management, then good. Thanks too for "A Big Whatever", now an integral part of our company's lexicon.