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Jerry Nixon

Jerry Nixon jerry_nixon Jerry Nixon

Niner since 2011

Jerry is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Colorado. 

  • Episode 119: UWP on Xbox One with Daren May & Jerry Nixon
  • MVA Monthly: June 2016
  • NuGet (Part 2) How to Create Your Own NuGet Package
  • NuGet (Part 1) The Ins and Outs of the Popular Package Manager
  • MVA Monthly: May 2016
  • Behind the Scenes: Making the "MyDriving" Cross-Platform IoT Sample Application
  • Build 2016 for Windows XAML-UWP Developers
  • The Solution for Visual State Triggers in Windows 10 UWP apps
  • Bringing your user's experience deeper into your app
  • Our Reaction to the News and Announcements Made at Build 2016

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