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  • Going Deep: Richard Ward - Engineering security into Windows Vista

    I have installed VISTA RC1 a few days ago, and created account for the family computer, enabled the parental controls for my kids, a very welcome feature. However these feature do not seem to work in the planned manner, since some websites still reported to be inaccessible after I listed in the accepted box!
    I even had some services fail even the parental feature was turned off, (e.g. Windows live feeds at and the Windows live messenger! The only way that my sone's account could get these to work was to change his account type to administrator! If this feature does not work on such basic components, I wonder how useful it will be?

    Note: When I turned off the parental controls for my son's account, from my admin account, it still reported that "some parental controls" are still active when my son signed in with his account, and asked confirmation to remove these and logoff again!

    In another note, when I accesed the "user" folders from my admin account, this automatically added my user's permissions to these accounts. However this causes repeated warnings on the other standard users, even when programs deleted items in the "TEMP" folders, that these files are shared by other users.

    Perhaps these are still open issues i.e. RC1 hopefully, although I must say that my first impression did hit a low!

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