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  • Joe Fletcher – Touch and Gesture Computing


    From the public Windows 7 beta, I know the virtual keyboard does *have sound. I’m not sure if you can customize it besides on/off through a system volume. It doesn’t appear to have any options in the keyboard itself.



    Thanks ^__^ I’m not as plugged into the Windows Mobile side of things, so I’m not sure. As for Surface computers, there will definitely be some at MIX for you to check out. How we record motion isn’t part of my talk right now, but if you connect with me before/after the talk I can explain a little bit of how it works. In short, Microsoft Surface is a vision system and uses cameras inside the unit to see what people are doing. We watch motions, then react to them through the system. You mention an easy way to “capture” a gesture. Due to current technology differences, that would be tough to go cross platform I believe, but I’m not as knowledgeable of the programming aspects. Seraph had good points as well.



    You’re not the only one who is thinking about the cross MS touch story. Microsoft is huge, and computer users will eventually dictate norms. It may take a little while for everything to click though.

    Thanks! Joe Fletcher