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  • Developer Diaries: Mangesh Deshpande

    Show the different screens and the markup.  Channel 9 is about seeing things happen, not just talking.  Show examples of the screens before and after and maybe the markups by the design expert and maybe learn the reason behind the designer's changes

  • Mohsen Agsen - C++ Today and Tomorrow

    So would I use C++ for data snacking applications?  No, C# works nicely for that.

    C++ for WebService as a Client - Yes, my C++ client hooks to Webservices and I think it was in VS 2003 you could import a WSDL and a C++ wrapper would be generated.  Now we are forced to use C# in our C++ app in order to take advantage of the import.

    C++ for WebService as a Server - Like someone mentioned C++ - WCF sounds like a great idea.

    C++ Data Access - YES!! - Most applications at some point have to access a database on the client or elsewhere even if the application is doing a lot of operations, and .NET type data access is quite nice.


  • Mohsen Agsen - C++ Today and Tomorrow

    Using it for a large Windows Application that is mixed mode.  Our UI is all native and MFC based, but would like to slowly evolve into using WPF so our application could be "prettier".  There was a lot of discussion about that years ago, but all I have seen is very simple examples.  I know you have learned a lot when transitioning Visual Studio itself to use WPF, is there any additional wrappers to help MFC people make that transition? 

    Also looking to add more async in my application and would like to see more async built into the language, like in the future version of C#.

    Misc:  Spatial Libraries and operations in native C++.  Would like to create better reports for my users and would like a framework for this. Direct2d wrappers like mentioned by previous poster.

    So for me Visual C++ needs to be with Visual Studio as a whole, because my application is mixed mode and I also have other managed applications too.

    Thanks for the C++ videos

  • Application Restart and Recovery on Windows 7 in Native Code

    Surprised this was not up on the Channel9 Zune podcasts.  Good work Kate.

  • Behind Windows Phone Tools for Developers – The Emulator

    Audio was horrible.  Please do not use the speaker phone next time.

  • Windows 7 Graphics – High DPI

    Where is the example?  I see the manifest (which gives a warning when added during linking), but not the full example on MSDN.