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  • Diving into the Vista Heap

    MicroSoft is falling farther behind. A machine of a new design is coming.

    A software heap manager is not the answer.  High performance Linux is moving to a hardare garbage collected paralell heap.  (So applications can't deallocate and allocate faster than the heap is compacted.) 

    MicroSoft must make the multicore  FPGA/ASIC a Vista.v2 feature so that kernel resources for memory and I/O firmware is updated as part of the OS. Learn something from the IBM mainframes so that specialized algorithms are off loaded to FPGA multicores.  More than that the technology developed in the xBOX with an FPGA/GPU link to the 10MB eDram (NEC) is not followed up on.  

    Heap Management and garbage collection is a hardware resource. Google Boyle or pipelined hardware heap garbage collection.  Programmable acceleration that is MS developed and specified is the only way to stay ahead on hardware Linux acceleration.

    Vista OS-> loads eDram/ FPGA code instead of DLL's for a single core WINTEL machine.

    What's deeply disturbing about this is that MicroSoft is "selling" Vista hardware logos.  MS owes itself to develop (or reward) the platform makers  for windows acceleration of it's OS.