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  • Mandar Naik - Global Technical Support Center

    Hi Mandar,

    I just got to know about channel9 today. Actually I had an interview with Microsoft, Banglore (telecon interview) for support division (yes, your team) and for this, was referring to jobsblog on MSDN to get idea about the microsoft recruiting process and other guidence.

    And from that I came to know about Channel9 and from that reached to India sub-section. And saw all GTSC realted videos before giving an interview. It was so exciting to see the place and people working at banglore.

    It was also nice to hear your story of developing team to a so large size from 'one man army'. Hope to meet you soon.

    Jigar Mehta

  • Seshadri and Rachan: Visual Studio support

    Thanks Seshadri and rachan for giving good information about hotfixes and service packs. The noice was too high in some portions of the session. Had to repeat three times to hear what you guys are speaking. But overall session looks nice to me.