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  • Checking In: Rick Molloy - Gone Native

    @Charles:I'm not used to write comments much often, but recent posts do not let me stay calm. Simply put, I rate this talk as on of the best on Channel9. I have been writing native code every day for many years, utilizing COM, threads and various other services of Windows. Listening to gentlemen like Mr. Molloy and Mr. Meijer was extraordinarily inspirative and interesting for me. In contrast to recent thoughts placed in comments section, I appreciate  that you managed to talk about technical stuff in such an enjoyable manner. I agree with you that there are lots of other learning resources about native development, and as Mr. STL said: "there are books". This should be our responsibility to learn, not you responsibility you to teach us here on channel9. To summarize up, I would like to express my gratitude for the shows like this and to encourage you to continue with nice style you have established (at least for me and those who agree with me). I hope that my message got clear since I'm not a native speaker. Thank you.