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  • Developer Solutions Team - Demos of MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and TFS ​Administrat​ion Tool

    Sure, Microsoft is always hiring, but if you want to work with our rowdy group then you can ping me. Smiley
  • Developer Solutions Team - Demos of MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and TFS ​Administrat​ion Tool

    I'll also add that WE ARE HIRING!

    If you'd like to work with us feel free to drop your resume into my inbox @ jledgard@microsoft.com

  • Developer Solutions Team - Demos of MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and TFS ​Administrat​ion Tool

    zeo wrote:
    Josh Ledgard and Sarah rock! 2 of the smartest people in the Visual Studio Product Group I'd argue.

    Thanks I think. Smiley

    staceyw wrote:
    MSE is cool. Hope to see more investment in that tool.

    We plan to do a bit of clean-up on the MSE tool and push out the source code so that people can add stuff they need into the tool. 
  • John Stallo - The Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer (1 of 3)

    I'll post the next one Friday morning and then see if I can't get the final one Saturday. Sorry for the delay.

  • John Stallo - The Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer (1 of 3)

    Adelino: Yeah, I'm slightly embarrassed myself. Though I never went to film school this is probably lower than my average for capturing these things on film.  I don't have that experience that Scoble has and I went to school as a developer so this is going to take a while to perfect.  

    There were just soo many cool things to see here. Smiley
  • Ian Huff - Using VSTS Performance Tools to Speed Up Your App (Part 1)

  • Ali and Dmitriy - Early Demo of Distributed System Designers (Part 1)

    In the meantime, for more information on the Visual Studio Team System Architect features check out this page:

    Building complex service-oriented solutions requires several architectural considerations including services and contract design, communications security, operations manageability and provisioning, and so on. Add to this, the time-honored issues architectural teams are mired with—architecting upfront with deployment in mind, ensuring design changes are propagated to code and vice versa, establishing seamless communication between design and development teams and design and operations teams.

    Visual Studio 2005 Team Architect Edition addresses exactly these problems at the core with a set of Distributed System Designers that help reduce the complexity of developing and deploying service-oriented applications. A core deliverable of the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DS), these designers, leveraging the System Definition Model (SDM), allow senior developers and architects to define service-oriented applications that will be configured into systems for deployment. While application architects can visualize their service-oriented applications, developers can work with the generated code while keeping the code-changes synchronized with the visual design. In addition, the Distributed System Designers can be used to create diagrams or interconnected hosts that represent the logical structure of a data center for the purpose of communicating important information to the developer about the target deployment environment. The Distributed System Designers can also bind applications to these logical servers and validate them against the constraints of the application/data center prior to actual deployment.

  • Ali and Dmitriy - Early Demo of Distributed System Designers (Part 1)

    I've asked Ali to post some additional context here for the demo. He should have that up soon.  
  • Josh Ledgard - Tour of Visual Studio core team (Part II)

    I was wondering if anyone would catch that.  Diane was using our standard automation libraries that we've built for testing Visual Studio.  Chetan was demonstrating a newer, in development, approach that translated his actions into calls to the accessibility apis for playback.

  • Josh Ledgard - Cool community sites that the Visual Studio team likes

    Ouch, you caught me. I was and am currently running as admin.  I'll post on my blog when I've made progress against that.

  • Josh Ledgard - Tour of Visual Studio core team (Part II)

    To answer some more of the questions:

    "Some of those offices looked kinda crowded (and hot) with two people in them. Looks like Jeremy had a big fan to keep him cool. Is that the norm around there?"

    For some reason Jeremy's office is worse than others. We think it has to do with the placement. But yeah, offices with a lot of computers tend to get pretty hot. Smiley

    "They should glue the 9 guy on top of the camera and/or mic."

    Well, what other reason does Robert have to be walking around the buildings?  I think just seeing him is fair warning. Smiley

    "But then why does it have the same new-line squiggle bug as Word? - I am talking about 2003, not 2005. Is 2003 a rich-text based program? "

    No, our editor has been an owner drawn control for a long time. Yes, the squiggles may look the same and are for relatively the same purpose, but I don't believe they share much (if any) code.

    "Wow! Touch-based computing. How do you delete stuff? White-out?"

    In Developer Division, code deletes you. Smiley

    "Any chance of making the install faster, why does it take so long anyway? 25mins + (Based on VS 2003)"

    I should get a video with the team working on the installer. From what I know VS 2005 should be faster. We now use cab compression to reduce the disk access time required of the install and they've also done a lot of other work including some UI streamlining. The Express SKU installs should also be much faster due to the reduced footprint of the SKU.

    "So you're probably using VS 2K3 to write VS 2K5. But have you used VS 2K5 on any production stuff yet?"

    I can't speak for everyone, but most of the developers I know are currently using VS 2005 to develop VS 2005 and the test teams have been using it to test itself for a long time. Dogfooding is big here.

  • Josh Ledgard - Tour of Visual Studio core team (Part II)

    No, Mark is still the lead of the Devdiv Customer Connection team and still my manager. I know his blog has been silent since June, but he has still be hard at work getting other team involved in the community.
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