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Jeff Lomax jlomax
  • Building Warp Drive with Windows 10 XAML

    Absolutely fun.  Fat finger this in just for the amazement of how simple thing like this have become.

    (For some reason, on my system I had to use new SolidColorCrush(Colors.White), I never figured out how Jerry's create brush syntax worked.)

    Very fun to tweak once entered.

  • Creating and Manipulating PowerShell Variables

    One of the nicer things about using Set-Variable is that you can make it const:

    Set-Variable -Name xlCellTypeLastCell -Value 11 -Option Constant

  • Unit Testing Your Web Apps

    Should not have had "Web Apps" in the title, this is about testing libraries, console apps, etc.

  • Azure PowerShell :: Managing Blob Storage

    When I run Switch-AzureMode it says the cmdlet is deprecated

    When I run Get-Command -Module AzureResourceManager -Name "storage" it says "Storage" isn't recognized

    Does this only work on a server or something ?

  • [Migrating from] Classic ASP to ASP.NET

    A book copyright 2002 ? 

  • Windows: The Next Generation

    Is the full video download available somewhere?


  • Defrag Tools #106 - Larry Osterman - 30 Years - Part 1

    This is a really great nostalgic video.   By chance, does anyone know where to look for further details on the architectural choice that kept WOW 16 from running simultaneously on 64 bit Windows with WOW 32 ?

    I'd love to see them hold up a copy of Windows 1.0 in the archive...

  • Bing Code Search

    If you have Resharper installed (who doesn't ???) then you'll need to map Tools.LaunchSnippetSearch to some available key (they suggest ALT-A). Wish there was just a window I could have chosen to open.

  • Defrag Tools: #62 - Windows 8.1 - High DPI

    Any best practice for using Remote Desktop from a high DPI (3200x1800 @13.3") laptop into a Windows 7 machine?  Do we really have to change the RD machine up to 150+ DPI while we use it remotely and then back to 100% when we get to work?

  • How To: Setup and use File History on Windows 8

    Just remember that File History is what it says, FILES.  Your programs are not backed up.  In order to do that, you need to use the "Windows 7 File Recovery" mentioned near the end of the blog post.

    However, there ARE some important differences for "Windows 7 File Recovery" in Windows 8. 

    First, the recovery partition now has to be 350MB, which is larger than Windows 7 used.  If you upgrade a Windows 7 machine and your System Image fails, this is likely the cause.  Find a 3rd party tool that can expand it or do a clean install and it's fixed.

    Second, the recovery disc is now UEFI boot.  This means if you have an ultrabook and don't use optical drives, the "Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool" Microsoft provided for Window 7 will fail to create a bootable USB Flash drive from your recovery disc for you.  Microsoft hasn't bothered to update it.

    Speaking of that, can anyone recommend a tustworthy took that can create a bootable EFI Win 8 Recovery USB Stick from the ISO?  Anyone know WHY Microsoft doesn't just let us choose a USB Flash drive to store our Recovery Disk to?  Let's hope Microsoft realizes it's a optical disc free world faster than they did for floppy drives...