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Jeff Lomax jlomax
  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    Dead on arrival.

    Nobody wants full-screen only apps, nobody wants live tiles on a desktop covered up by their work.

    This will make Vista look like a run away success.


  • Ask the Experts - Evan Lew

    Why does Word 2010 have a Save to Web but not an Open from Web???  When you save, it adds a link to your recent files.  If you clear your recent files, there is no Open from Web.  Users must navigate to SkyDrive, find the file, and then open it in Word from there.  Why not support seamless Open from Web from within Word?

  • Aman Kansal: Inside Joulemeter

    Brand new Dell Core i7 laptop, Windows 7 64 bit, calibration utility crashes, Taskbar launces and immediately closes.


    Don't bother with the download.

  • Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction

    There is no code in the video.  You'll want to skip at least 22 minutes in to avoid the blather.  Hopefully the next sections will actually get into something not aimed at marketing people.

  • Introducing the Windows Azure Platform Appliance

    Very different and far more advanced than Amazon's notion of a "Private Cloud".


    Let's hope this includes an ability to use the Azure Public Cloud for scale seamlessly from within a Private Cloud.

  • Simon Calvert & Scott Hunter: WebMatrix and the new Razor Syntax


    This is a serious step backwards.  It looks like these guys don't realize classic ASP was a bad idea and we've moved on for good reason.  Don't know that inline SQL is a travesty, and isn't simpler, it's harder.


    Instead of integrating out-of-the-box with good practices, OR/M (NHibernate), seperation of concerns, they have created a tweaked view language and encouraged terrible development.


    Microsoft shouldn't spend it's time creating a bad toy, yet "another way" to do the same thing.  It should lead and encourage best practices, and make them as developer friendly as possible.


  • Ping 64: IIS Express, IE Reversing the Trend, RIP Kin, Hulu Plus and more...


    Kin was just another in a long line of failures by Microsoft in the critical mobile space.




    Windows Phone 7 is a hail mary pass, Microsoft will need a miracle or they will be out of the mobile business by 2011.  Ballmer should have been forced out as CEO when he handed the market over without even a fight.


    Microsoft is correct to fix the developer experience on the phone, the competition has that truly wrong.  But developer experience alone cannot combat a huge market share and loyalty advantage.

  • Ping 62: Azure Tools, Kinect, Xbox, Visual Studio 1.2

    While we do appreciate the explanation of SQL Azure pricing not considering CPU time vs. Amazon RDS, it still remains embarrassing that SQL Azure if toy-sized only.  Amazon RDS allows a terabyte database, Microsoft can only muster a puny 50GB?

    If Microsoft was in any way serious about Azure they wouldn't insist on toy use only.

  • Introduction to Creating Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio 2010

    Extremely remedial.   Only for people who have no idea what automated testing is.

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo


    The Blue Box home screen is tragic.  Dead on arrival.  Have no idea why anyone would ever demo it except to make Steve Jobs laugh.


    Nice to see MS work on IE after all these years, but why not demo Flash?  Silverlight?  If it  ships without both of those, it's road kill and Android takes #2 spot while MS is finished.


    This is clearly the social media phone.  But, is it Facebook only, or is it able to adapt as the world changes?


    All in all, this demo didn't recognize the competition.  Microsoft has stood by and let Apple score 3 unanswered touchdown passes.  The score is 21-0 and we're in the fourth quarter.   If it isn't far better than this demo, it looks like they are thinking about scoring one field goal. Ballmer should resign over the losses in the mobile space thus far alone.


    Let's hope this demo does not show us WM7, or we all need to sharpen our Android dev skills.