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  • Chris Muench - writing managed 3D app for mobile devices

    Khamul wrote:
    Again with the many videos in the short time period - you made me write a download manager in C#!

    No, I'm not going to use some Commercial, ad ridden s*** off

    Actually, CNet has a policy stating that no downloads they host will have ad-ware in it. There's no policy against annoying shareware, however Tongue Out
  • Karsten Januszewski: WPF

    footballism wrote:
    jmacdonagh wrote:

    I love this video. I just wish it was a little longer .

    One question, can we get that VisualBrush manupulation demo (the one with the sphere and the physics) posted? I'd love to switch out what was on that VisualBrush with a video .

    You can get the "15 Puzzle" demo source code from Tim Sneath's blog


    Sorry, I meant the the one with the mesh and the sphere and the two blocks. The one where you can hit spacebar and the mesh gravitates to the sphere. But thanks for posting the other one!
  • Karsten Januszewski: WPF

    I love this video. I just wish it was a little longer Big Smile.

    One question, can we get that VisualBrush manupulation demo (the one with the sphere and the physics) posted? I'd love to switch out what was on that VisualBrush with a video Big Smile.

  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    JonnyRocks wrote:

    Ok, my question, what about Vista? If the first ones are running xp then I wanna wait.

    Watch the video. Vista will run on them.
  • Piero Sierra (and others) - Microsoft Max

    moofish wrote:
    it doesnt even work I just spent about 1h trying to uninstall this and that to get it to work, why not just make it work with the most recent version of .net, come on

    Every new WPF CTP brings in breaking changes. For a project the size of Max, it might be difficult to adjust to these every time.

    Yeah, it's annoying.
  • Singularity Revisited

    Charles wrote:
    You're welcome, Tonatiúh

    Keep in mind that at the end of the video we did talk about a part 3

    I hear you, the Singularity folks are doing some of the most innovative OS work in the world (though they'd never agree with that). The possible uses of Singularity, and what's learned from it, will take security and reliability to a new level some day...

    Much thanks to the Singularity folks who took an hour out of their schedule to talk to Channel 9.

    Glad your questions were answered in the video, Manip!


    Wow, an hour of awesome content and there's still so much more to talk about!

    Any ideas when you're going to film the next installment?
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista

    This is awesome. Do updates for products such as Windows and Office come as MSI patches? If so, does this mean that my Add/Remove programs dialog box will let me show updates for only Windows and Office that i can uninstall? That would be awesome.

    Now, to make sure that everyone uses Windows Installer!
  • Kyle Groves and Dave Goulet: eLearning app demonstrates WPF goodness

    2 Questions:

    1) How did you achieve the transistion between pages? From what I can gather, you  are using a Navigation window with the background gradient built in. Whenever a new page is navigated to, you fade the old one out and fade the new one in?

    2) The WPF/E application that was shown seemed to be completely different than the client application. If it was completely different XAML and C# code, why was it said "this is the same XAML..."?
  • PDC Dev Team -- Plasma Screen Application at PDC

    So basically you have a VisualBrush on a flat mesh in a 3D world. When the cool water effect happens, you raise and lower specific points of the mesh to create a ripple effect? Awesome!

    There's only one problem that I see. VisualBrush is static. It doesn't support playing with the controls that it draws. Although it works great in this situation, it wouldn't work if you wanted the user to be able to select, say, a news item to view more information, or the video to put it in full screen (now obviously, plasma screens do not have the technology to support touch screens, yet).
  • North Face Demo at the PDC

    karstenj wrote:
    Media in Avalon is still rather finicky in this build.  If you are on XP, be sure that you are running WMP 10.  The other gotcha is video card drivers.  If you are running ATI or NVidia, be sure you are running the latest drivers.  There are some legacy video drivers that simply won't run Avalon video.  Good luck!

    XP SP2 with WMP10. I'll try upgrading my video card drivers.

    Zeno wrote:
    Pretty cool. The concept I am having the hardest time undersstanding is how this NorthFace web site would be rendered in a browser other than IE or on other platforms (Mac, Linux, etc)

    Is it even possible? or is this simply web content which will ONLY be available to people running on the new platform?

    Supposedly there's a technology coming out called Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere that will make it cross platform. There's a thread in the Coffeehouse about it.
  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Question about Sparkle:

    Can I use it to develop controls rather than applications? Let's say I want to create a video carousel control that I will reuse in many Avalon applications. Can I design the UI in Sparkle, hook it up with a little C# code (like the North Face demo), compile it to a DLL, and then import it into another Sparkle application?

  • North Face Demo at the PDC


    I'm having trouble with the video carousel demo. When I run it it crashes. The error message comes from Media Event Sink Window, complaining that a location in memory could not be read.

    On a side note, I'm having a lot more problems trying to get Channel9 to post my comment. I keep getting unknown errors. Sorry for filling up your error log guys Tongue Out