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I'm an application developer and database designer for ATGi. Most of my experience relates to Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, but I've dabbled in Cold Fusion, Oracle and MS Access as well.


  • Pablo Castro: Astoria Data Services

    staceyw wrote:
    JoshRoss wrote:
    This would be cool a few years ago. I feel like Goldilocks after eating really bad porridge and trying-out a couple of f-up beds. The first bed was made out of a framework that wasn't very extensible. The second bed was made out of a framework that was too extensible. Meanwhile, the bears are in the back yard, smoking, dancing, and speaking in strange tongues. Little did I know, the bears purchased the house from the Winchester's. Most of the doors are fake and the stairs lead to nowhere.

    huh?  I lovz me a smoking and dancing bear as much as the next guy, but what the hell does this mean?

    Check out the Winchester House here.  I got to tour the place while at SD West this year.