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  • James Clarke: Creating Silverlight Media with Expression Media Encoder

    I can say that I'm very impressed by this demo video, though I'm also a little perturbed.

    The video shows great use of WPF and you guys say you have a directshow engine running in the background.  I know the WPF API (MediaElement/MediaPlayer) gives no exposure to the graph, and there is no way to create your own graph and have it render to a WPF element (unless you use HWND interop).  There is also no method of fast image buffer editing (CopyPixels() and creating a new bitmap is slow w/ video in WPF). 

    I watch like a hawk on blogs and forums and it doesn't seem I'm alone with this fustration. 

    I guess my question is, did you guys use all the public WPF/DShow APIs to make this, or is there a super secret hack?  Whats the secret to a hi-perf dshow/wpf marriage?  Please share...or give me a hint Sad