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  • UWP-025 - Common XAML Controls - Part 2


    I think it might be helpful if you were to explain why you chose to cast sender, which is an AutoSuggestBox, to an AutoSuggestBox on line 48 of MainPage.xaml.cs. As far as I can see it was done only to make lines 49 & 50 (arguably) a little more readable. I rewrote your code as

    sender.ItemsSource = selectionItems.Where(p => p.StartsWith(sender.Text)).ToArray(); 

    which I understand might be daunting for an absolute beginner but I do think that explaining the difference between what you originally wrote and 

    var filtered = selectionItems.Where(p => p.StartsWith(sender.Text)).ToArray();
    sender.ItemsSource = filtered;

    would be immensely helpful.

    Along those lines I think it would also be helpful if you were to explain a bit about selectionItems as that seems more magical than any other piece of code.

    That being said, thank you so much(!) for this informative series. It's a fantastic beginner's guide!

  • UWP-016 - Laborious Layout Challenge: Solution

    @mbensch: Thanks, your explanation of the Grid-first vs StackPanel-first approach makes perfect sense. I too started with Grid and wondered what the performance/real-world differences would be. I can see now how Bob's approach lends itself to easier data binding.

  • New feature: your own personal video queue

    Thanks all for pointing out that commenting turns on the profile tabs!

    @gelatus - agreed, this needs to automatically feed my Xbox!