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  • Rick Laplante - Talking about Visual Studio Team System (Licensing), Part II

    This is probably going to sound like a dumb question but here goes anyway:

    What is the date By which one must have an MSDN/U or MSDN/E subscription to qualify for conversion to the appropriate VS Team products?

    If it is not settled yet, when would be the earliest?
  • Rick Laplante - Talking about Visual Studio Team System (Licensing), Part II

    Thanks for the info. It is a great help. I know I'm pushing it here but could you give a better ETA for the pricing of upgrades to the full Team Suite and what MSDN subscriptions will offer the upgrade? I need to make a decision within a month.

    Also, what are the plans as far as yearly renewal prices?
  • Rick Laplante - Talking about Visual Studio Team System (Licensing), Part II

    I know that this interview was supposed to help but...

    I am one of those consultants faced with a hard decision. I am currently an MSDN Universal user but it expires at the end of May. I need to make a  decision on direction very soon.

    With each explanation, it is becoming less clear just what one will get with their choice. I thought I heard something to the effect that premium would have "all a developer needs". Yet there is a Team Developer version. What more is in there?

    I have yet to find something that clearly points out what tools are in each VS2005 edition. (The interview seemed to suggest that this might not be fully decided upon.) I have also yet to see the extra dollar amount to get a Team Suite if one is a Universal subcriber altough this has been stated to be an option at that level.

    So far, what I do see is that whether I am a Universal or an Enterprise subscriber, I can get the Team Developer edition. This would suggest that if I want that rather than the Architect or Tester version, I should step down in my renewal as there is no added benefit to being a Universal subscriber (other than being able to get Architect or Tester instead).
    I have been on the phone with MSDN reps and they are just as confused as I am. Can someone put out something definitive soon? I would hate to make a wrong decision because I have incomplete information and also would hate to renew at Universal prices and get nothing more than at the Enterprise level which is a few hundred dollars cheaper.