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  • Nikolai Tillmann: Moles - Replace any .NET method with a delegate

    Is there any way Moles could be used for a .NET 2 project. Looking at the download page it looks like you support VS2010 and VS2008. Can you use 2008 and target the .NET 2 framework and still use Moles?





  • Brad Abrams - Silverlight 3.0 for Great Business Apps

    For a business app you really need to also think about printing support.

    On the silverlight forums there is a thread with over 50 posts dating back to when it was called Silverlight 1.1 saying that printing support is needed.

    I hope that printing support is one of the surprises of Mix but I don't think it will be as it has been rumoured that they are not looking to do that for the 3.0 release.

    +1 on the font rendering issues.