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  • 10-4 Episode 5: Code Focused in Visual Studio 2010

    On the unit testing features, have you considered having an "extension method" on non existent methods or classes that is called Generate. When you hit tab VS would then generate the method. Saves have to hit CTRL+. which would make it faster than you would think.
    Also not sure if it's great to navigate directly to the new method/class when its generated. You might want to just continue writing code.
    Also with MEF is there a good debugging experience. I noticed that you had to close VS and then drop the DLL in the folder.
    Is there no F5 experience for MEF at the moment?
  • 10-4 Episode 5: Code Focused in Visual Studio 2010

    My thoughts:

    Variable navigation:
    • You could have a popup when selecting a variable which shows you the usages of that variable. Like a smart tag.
    • Callsites should be integrated into the call hierachy. When you double click on a method in the call hierarchy you are taken to the first call site in that method. F3 gets you to other call sites. Or just make call sites another node in the call hierarchy!
    • When you change the scope of the call hierarchy
      1) Having to manually hit refresh should be a VS option setting. The default should be auto unless it is too slow. If it's too slow then the items should load incrementally.
      2) When (if) you click refresh you should not have to re-expand the treeview. All nodes that were expanded that haven't been removed from the tree (due to the new scope) should still be expanded and the selected node (if it's still in the tree) should be selected. If not the next highest node should be selected.

    • Camel case is good but should also have an option for full-text-search which doesn't require camel case queries.
    • There shouldn't be a progress bar. Just load the results as they are found. ESC should cancel and hide the popup.
    • Should be able to right click on result and open containing folder, delete, rename. You'll have to think about differentiating between 1-1 class file mappings and 1-* file - class mappings. If it's a class then maybe rename. Also Call Hierarchy right-click menu item would be good!
    • Hiding full constructor method signatures should be a user setting. Probably default to on.
    Generally (this may be already possible) I'd love for keyboard shortcuts for:

    • Close current file
    • Close all files
    • Close all but this
    • Open recent file.
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