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  • Implementing Web ​Notificatio​ns

    If you happen to have a question, and can't find the answer, feel free to ping me on Twitter @SampsonMSFT.

  • Announcing Build 2013

    I had the great joy of attending //Build/ in 2012 and would love nothing more than to return in 2013. I'm incredibly excited for Microsoft and their line of technology, as well as what is in store for it in 2013 and forward. Keep up the great work, and cheers to the bright future of innovation!

  • Introduction to creating Windows Store apps using HTML and JavaScript

    Fantastic talk. I really appreciated how the presenters took us deep, quickly. One hundred thumbs up. Looking forward to running through this again once it's available online.

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    I'm really impressed with what I see. I'm curious what the thinking was behind the pattern chosen for private members though - not making them private ultimately. There are patterns that can accomplish this, such as those that return a object literal from within a function body. This object literal can maintain references to members of the function body outside of the object long after execution.

    ​var myClass = function(){
        var private;
        return {
            setPrivate: function(x){ private = x; },
            getPrivate: function(){ return private; }    
    var foo = new myClass();

    There's no way to access the private member without going through the methods provided in the returned object. It seems like this would have been (one possible) approach that would be more true to the intent.

    I'm sure you guys had a perfectly legitimate reason for not going with a pattern like this, and instead making the privately declared members publicly accessible (no sarcasm), so I'm curious what - if anything - I'm missing here.

  • The Great Divide: Coping with Modern and Legacy Browsers

    @PSRBF6: Those classes are added by Modernizr following a series of feature tests. I just logged into tweetdeck using IE10 and found that while much of the interface works, the in-flow of tweets was broken, as well as a few minor layout issues. Hope they get it fixed - it's a great service.

  • Introducing FoxIE

    @Spoonfood: It's a seemless fallback, which results in no problems for anybody. There isn't anything wrong with using proprietary non-standard technologies, so long as you make provisions for those users in non-supported browsers/environments, which is what C9 has done here.

    See the video with Rey and Chris on graceful degradation Wink

  • HTML5 and Modern Web Development

    Just finished watching the first five videos in this series and I'm really loving it. Rey and Chris have a great dynamic and really bring the data out well.

    I'm also digging the focus on modern browser capabilities, as well as the many tools and services available to web developers today to greatly reduce the sanity-decay that so many experience when trying to wrangle the web.

    It's incredible how much information you guys have been able to cover in these few short videos. Looking forward to whatever Andy Gammuto decides to upload next Wink Keep up the good work!

  • Introducing FoxIE

    So excited to get started on this series. Glad to see two fantastic vendors coming together for the united goal of making a better web. Nice work!

  • Ping 146: Ballmer speaks out, Halo movie, Kinect Playfit, Father blames Xbox LIVE

    I am a little sad that I'm only now discovering this show after nearly 150 episodes. Ballmer was spot-on, a Halo movie would be amazing, my son loves his Kinect, and his responsible Dad watches both the purchases and the checkbook Wink

  • TWC9: Windows 8/VS2012 RTM Dates, Virtual Metro Dev, Search with Sando and more

    Congrats Brian on your 10 years at Microsoft!

  • Lang.NEXT 2012

    I would love to attend a conference like this. While I'm not a language designer, I do consider myself something of a polyglot programmer, and it would be awesome to hear what designers talk about at a conference like this.

  • Ping 134: Flying robots, Windows Phone, Microsoft Flight, Win 8 hits a million

    I've been using Windows 8 as my primary OS for about a month now. I started with the Developer Preview, and had a few issues that I just didn't like. However, I can say that since downloading the Consumer Preview, I have been completely blown away and I'm sold on it. Great job, Microsoft!

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