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Jonathan Sampson jonathansam​pson
  • Mars is Alive!

    Charles said:
    BlackTiger said:
    Umm... Earth is chalk full of organisms of all shapes and sizes that produce methane as a result of metabolic acitivity. Humans are among them...

    The proof is everywhere.
    Not to be a nuisance, but that's affirming the consequent. If A (life) then B (methane), B therefore A isn't a valid argument. Sure, it makes life probable, but doesn't exactly constitute as proof.

    That's all I'll say Smiley Well, that, and "Cool! Methane!" Smiley

  • Basic geek test # 34. Do you know what this is?

    "Tatooine" was one of the first names I saw. Gave it away instantly. Crap man, I want this poster for my office! Big Smile

    Here's another view:

  • 2 More Browser Feature Requests...

    DCMonkey said:
    W3bbo said:
    If you put a media player (flash, SL whatever) in a web slice, will it keep playing when not displayed? That's what I was thinking about for idea #1. Of course this would require support from the web site to implement. And so would web slices. I think whatever Apple call their web slice-like feature in Safari works off of arbitrary divs of web pages though.
    Fireclip is playing the embedded hanselminutes show just fine - as suspected. It's just the same flash player in a new tab for this example. The path to the flash player is sick:


    That makes me very nervous Smiley

  • 2 More Browser Feature Requests...

    Minh said:
    For #1, you might want to check out http://www.foxytunes.com/ It really is a media control panel in FireFox for an external media player, but I'm not if it's smart enough to see that you're using a Flash player. Maybe open up HanselMinutes in an external app... probably not worth the trouble...
    In an ideal world, I could drag my embedded flash player out to my windows sidebar, and control it from there Smiley

  • 2 More Browser Feature Requests...

    W3bbo said:
    The first one isn't so simple since any code loaded into the browser can access the audio capabilities of the system. It is possible to isolate running instances of plugins, but don't expect anything like Windows' per-application audio settings. Maybe make a proposal to the maintainers of the NS plugin API?

    The second one seems doable, but might fall victim to the same problem that Excel has when you tell it to work with "web data": the structure of a page is volatile. That's why RSS is so popular for syndication.
    W3bbo said:
    The second one seems doable, but might fall victim to the same problem that Excel has when you tell it to work with "web data": the structure of a page is volatile.

    Yeah; this could be a problem. But most things I would use it for would be portions of pages that have a typically concrete structure. It would break, eventually, when the site structure changes but many (if not all) of the pages I would use it on have a rather concrete structure.

  • 2 More Browser Feature Requests...

    DCMonkey said:
    Yeah; not 10 seconds after posting this I found the firefox addon "Fireclip." Dang. Sweet stuff Smiley The internet is getting better and better everyday Wink

  • 2 More Browser Feature Requests...

    I just had a couple ideas for browser plugins that would really make tons of people (including me) very happy.

    Both are rather similar, but slightly different.

    1) Bubbled Media Elements:
    So I'm sitting here with Firefox opened and about 8 tabs opened along with it. One of the tabs is HanselMinutes, where I'm listening to his latest show. Somebody walks into my office, and I have to scan my screen for hanselminutes, find it, click the tab, find the player on the page, and then pause the player.

    What if the player was instead vieweable in a collapsing panel at the bottom of the browser, along with important items from other pages? Shoot, it could even tell me which tab it's getting the media from, but allowing me immediate access without having to hunt down the parent tab in an instant.

    2) Eagle-Eye Element Watching:
    This is a slight RSS-ish Page-Element tracking idea. Includes a bottom panel as well, but this one keeps up updated on specific parts of websites that get updated frequently. "Show me the contents of div.latestMovie on channel9.msdn.com when the content is updated." At the bottom of the screen, I see a small preview that is updated every 10 minutes or so. This would allow ad-hoc subscriptions to just about anything there is online.

    What do you guys think?

  • What comes after Windows 7?

    GoddersUK said:
    esoteric said:
    I was here first Wink Tongue Out

    Anyway, that's given me an idea. No doubt this has already been thought about and discussed before. Probably even partially implemented. But a GUI that monitors and analyses the users actions that customises itself based upon this. A kind of evolving GUI.

    Then again it could just end up being a horrible mess. Smiley
    That would be interesting - I wonder how it would react to a devigner like myself who spends a week in Photoshop, and then a week in MySQL, and then a week in my favorite Text Editor Smiley Not to mention the movie Click, with Adam Sandler, demonstrated how evil technology that learns your ways can be Smiley

  • Win7 - Any ​compatibili​ty issues?

    phreaks said:
    Has anyone tested any of the media apps, like Media Center, iTunes and WMP.

    If someone could verify that sharing music to extenders via WMP still works that would be awesome.
    I tried playing an .avi over the network in WMP - but the entire system froze immediately after the video started playing. I don't know if this was due to any OS issue relating to media, or the network, so I couldn't charge this as an issue with Windows7. It may very well be that the problem was a result of installing this OS on a crappy old laptop. However, it should be noted that this laptop previously ran Vista Business and played media just fine.

  • Windows 7 first impression

    I installed Windows7 on my laptop yesterday morning. The laptop is a 1.73ghz with 1gb RAM. Needless to say, Windows 7 "worked," but wasn't exactly comfortable on the laptop. After a few attempts to revive my wireless card and failing, I decided Windows 7 was too much to place on that poor old laptop. The evening finished with me pirating XP (Can't find my CD) and calling it a night. So in one day, my laptop started with Vista Business, migrated to Windows 7, and finished the evening with XP - wow, busy day.

    I liked Windows 7, but I won't make any comments about it just yet, since I didn't get to test it in an environment that enables all of the functionality. The good news is, XP is really fast on my laptop Smiley I had forgotten what it felt like to have a laptop working that fast!