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Jonathan Sampson jonathansam​pson
  • Emails when somebody responds...

    Duncanma said:
    yeah, that is probably one of our biggest requests... but we haven't figured out the best way to handle it. For privacy reasons, we stopped storing your email address, leaving us with a bit of a challenge to notify you of things Smiley

    Some ideas we've had:

    1. Windows Live Alerts (which can be setup to go to email or sms or messenger, but aren't handled by us ... so we don't need your email address)
    2. A RSS feed of all notification-style info ... you'd subscribe to that and get all the info you'd want
    3. direct twitter messages from our ch9 twitter account ... obviously not useful for everyone, but we thought some folks would like this 
    Showing you a list of recently participated threads that someone has replied to on the sidebar of the site is an idea too... but it wouldn't bring you back in if you didn't come back to the site ... and if a large number of people had replied to various threads of yours, then we might end up only showing recent ones and you'd miss a notification.

    Thoughts are appreciated Smiley
    Those all sound good. Anything at all would be awesome.

    Jonathan Sampson

  • Emails when somebody responds...

    I love the new response format of messages now. I was curious though, do you guys plan on doing any type of alert to let niners know when somebody responded to them in a thread somewhere? Maybe a dialog on the front page, or an email, or anything?

    Jonathan Sampson

  • Community Coding Contest to start July 1 - Chance to Win MSDN Premium!

    littleguru said:
    Maddus Mattus said:
    You don't have an MSDN subscription? I should probably start a thread here on Channel 9 and ask who has no MSDN subscription.
    I don't have one - poor me.

    Jonathan Sampson

  • Advantages of specific time formats...

    Thanks for the input guys.

  • Advantages of specific time formats...

    Working on a database and was just thinking what format I wanted to store my dates in. I don't need h:m:s, so I'm wondering if I should use the traditional YYYY-MM-DD, or a Unix Timestamp - do you guys know of any disadvantages or advantages that come with either one of those? Or perhaps I should store h:m:s, even though I don't immediately have a use for them - perhaps it's smarter to just keep them around just in case...

    Jonathan Sampson