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Tech Off Powershell Commands in winRT 4
  • Web Performance

    LINGsCARS is actually a totally genuine car leasing firm, just one with a website that's completely bonkers to look at. The irony is that behind the scenes it does some really clever stuff to present deals to visitors depending on their navigation of the site.

  • The Ops Team #001 - Trial Show

    You all definitely need to read the book; hosts and audience alike! The Phoenix Project is an easy read (it's a novel), inexpensive on Kindle, and has the fun bonus that you likely know most of the characters, because you've probably met them throughout your career. I've read it 3 times and it has changed the way I approach a bunch of things for the better.

    I'm not going to give you a quote to try to win a copy because I'd rather you gave it to someone who hasn't read it yet. :)

    Nice first episode, and thanks for the grammatical correctness!