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John Papa

John Papa jopapa Evangelist on the Loose

Niner since 2009

John Papa is a well-known technology expert and is a former Evangelist for Microsoft on the Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows 8 client teams. John is a Microsoft Regional Director and author of 100+ articles and 10 books, specializes in professional application development with technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, Durandal, Silverlight, WPF, C#, and .NET. He can often be found speaking around the world at keynotes and sessions for conferences such as ngConf, BuildMIXPDC, TechEd, VSLive and AngleBrackets. John was the host of the popular show Silverlight TV on Channel 9 and hosted many events including the MIXer and Open Source Fest at major conferences. He currently enjoys authoring courses for Pluralsight. You can always find John at johnpapa.net or on twitter at @john_papa.


  • SPA Party with John Papa
  • The Full Stack, Part 14: Taking a look at MVVM with John Papa
  • Silverlight TV 83: Using Wireframes to Visually Communicate a Windows Phone Experience
  • Silverlight TV 82: Custom Markup Extensions
  • Silverlight TV 81: Four Great Windows Phone UX Tips
  • Silverlight TV 80: Reactive Extensions
  • Silverlight TV 79: Data Binding Debugging
  • Silverlight TV 78: Designing Tiles and Splash Screens for Windows Phone (Design Tips Mini Series)
  • Silverlight TV 77: Exploring 3D
  • Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Keynote with Scott Guthrie

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