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  • Azure App Service Architecture

    looking forward to watching the second half of this session.  It cut off when live feed stopped on Wednesday.  Thanks Scotts H. for this...detailed swagger discussion has been missing since App Service was announced last month.  Picking bits from internet projs like swagger is great, but we need some info from MSFT about how to use this stuff.  Would love to see more examples of using swagger.config.cs to add required Azure metadata bits - triggers - actions - default response.  Hopefully that'll come out of box in Azure API App template some day.  Cheers!

  • Azure App Service Mobile Apps with Kirill Gavrylyuk

    I found this:

    Basically, my take:

    Web Apps  = Web Sites (just a name change)

    Mobile App = new type of app (supposedly same as mobile services but better)

    API App = new type of app in App Services

    Mobile Services will continue to be supported as standalone service.

    I've always thought Azure Mobile Services should not have been called 'mobile' it's an integration of a few Azure Services (Web, SQL, Notification, API, Auth) in the portal which created a nice cloud API backend over data - irrespective of form factor / device.

    I see App Services as an improvement of that same concept (minus the 'mobile' name) plus the metadata which exposes these parts in a gallery format.

    The trouble with the transition will be the messaging that's saying Mobile App = new Mobile Services.  I see it more like App Services = new Mobile Services.

    We'll see.




  • Azure App Service Mobile Apps with Kirill Gavrylyuk

    What's the story for moving existing Azure Mobile Services to Mobile App + API App model?

     ZUMO doesn't even show in the Azure Preview Portal? 

    My understanding is Mobile App is formerly Mobile Services (ZUMO) - yet ZUMO also includes APIs so what does that mean for how ZUMO of old relates to API Apps of new.

    Wouldn't it be more accurate to consider App Services as a new improved modularized version of Azure Mobile Services.

    Hoping there are forthcoming docs to explain the terminology and implications for existing ZUMOs.

  • Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps

    FYI:  video stops at 10:12 repeatedly.

  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases



    It really is awsome!  I'm not aware of official release info, but it's expected that sharepoint server license will be required for Access Web Services.  I agree that some support for access services should be in wss (sharepoint foundation), as it will surely show small businesses the power of moving Access Apps to the web.


    On a positive note, it appears that External Lists in sharepoint 2010 may be available in sharepoint foundation 2010. 


    Keep up the great work guys...nice hat!